Tactile Orthopaedics

Tactile Orthopaedics

With a mission to transform surgical training, Tactile Orthopaedics creates cutting-edge realistic models for orthopaedic surgeons. The signature product, Tactile Knee, provides the hand-skills training needed for knee-joint replacement and sports medicine surgeries — without the biohazard and limitations of cadavers. By focusing on accurate anatomy and kinematics, the goal is to replicate a tactile operative experience and allow knee-surgery training anywhere. The Tactile Knee is a predictable training platform as it is consistent in size, shape and features, which allows for easy course-planning and execution.

Founded by engineers and surgeons, Tactile Orthopaedics received investment from the UCeed Health Fund in 2021. UCeed investment has empowered this new venture to improve training and to help achieve more flawless surgeries. “UCeed provided two critical benefits — added confidence to the other investors in our financing round and essential funding for our skilled, dynamic team as we build out our sales traction," says Dr. Carolyn Anglin, president of Tactile Orthopaedics.

Five of the top multinational orthopaedic companies have been using their products for surgical training and demonstrations. With many surgeons declaring their preference for the Tactile Knee, the next steps are to entrench this new way of training as the standard.

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Tactile Orthopaedics has received investment from UCeed, a venture philanthropy fund accelerating UCalgary and community-based startup companies to advance problem-solving research, create jobs and fuel the economy. A key program in the UCalgary innovation ecosystem, UCeed bridges the gap between innovation, demonstration and commercialization, and is managed by UCalgary’s knowledge-transfer and business incubator, Innovate Calgary.

UCeed Health Fund is supported by the generosity of the River Fund at the Calgary Foundation and its mission to build a healthy and vibrant community where everyone belongs.