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Glossary of tags for UCalgary News articles

How to use this guide

The purpose of tags is to filter all kinds of news content by topic or theme. This glossary helps establish consistency cross campus in the tags chosen to link together related content. 

Search the list (control-f on a PC, command-f on a Mac) for keywords from the article, to find out whether the tag already exists and the exact spelling/capitalization. If you have a suggestion not already on this list, recommend a new tag(s) at the time the article is sent to the editors for publication. 

University strategies

Note: Include these as tags when they are mentioned in the article

Growth Through Focus
Eyes High Strategy
Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High 
Academic Plan
Research Plan
Indigenous Strategy
Mental Health Strategy
Sustainability Strategy
International Strategy

Research themes

Energy Innovations for Today and Tomorrow
Infections, Inflammation and Chronic Diseases
Human Dynamics in a Changing World
Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering
Brain and Mental Health
New Earth-Space Technologies
One Health (a new cross-cutting research priority aimed at tackling significant global challenges)
Child Health and Wellness (a new cross-cutting research priority aimed at tackling significant global challenges)


academic collaboration, academic integrity, accessibility, access to education, access to justice, access to medicine, accounting, active lifestyle, addiction, affordable housing, aging society, agriculture, AIDS, air quality, Alberta history, alumni, alumni in profile, Alumni Weekend, Alzheimer's, ambassadors in the community (chancellor, senate), animal health, anthropology, antibiotic resistance, antibiotics, antimatter, anxiety, apps, archaeology, architecture, Arch Awards, Arctic, arrhythmia, arthritis, artificial intelligence, arts and culture, arts Indigenous (in reference to the faculty's strategic plan), arts international (same as previous), arts equity and diversity (same as previous), asthma, astronauts, astronomy, autonomous vehicles, aurora, autism



bacteria, Banff National Park, bats, Beakerhead, beef industry, bees, big data, biodiversity, biofeedback, biofuels, biology, biomechanics, biomedical engineering, biometrics, biomimicry, biotechnology, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour; use the acronym when it's spelled out in the article), bison, bitcoin, Black History Month, Black Lives Matter, blockchain technology, body image, bone and joint disorders, bone and joint health, bone density, Bow River, brain development, brain disease, brain injury, breast cancer, breastfeeding, Budget 2019, bullying, Burkina Faso, business, business competition, business startup


caffeine, caffeine therapy, Calgary Curriculum, Calgary economy, Calgary history, Calgary housing, Calgary inner city, Calgary Stampede, campus construction, campus diversity, campus events, campus excellence (in reference to awards to UCalgary for programming excellence etc.), campus giving, campus living, campus spirit, Canada Day, Canada Research Chairs, Canadian history, Canadian justice system, cancer, cancer screening, cannabinoids, cannabis, cannabis legalization, canola industry, capstone design fair, carbon, carbon emissions, carbon pricing, cardiovascular disease, career development opportunities, career fair, career preparation, career skills, caring campus, cattle industry, celiac disease, cell research, cell signalling, changing curriculum, childhood obesity, children's health, children’s well-being, China, chip technology, chronic diseases, chronic liver disease, chronic pain, civil rights, climate change, clinical trials, code of conduct, cognitive behaviour therapy, Commonwealth Games, communication skills, community-based learning, community health, community leadership, Community Report (year), computer science, concussion, consumer behaviour, continuity of patient care, Conversation Canada, continuing education, convocation, copyright, coronavirus, corporate social responsibility, cost of education, cost of health care, Costa Rica, CO2, cows, coyotes, creative thinking, creativity and innovation, crime, cryptocurrency, cultural sensitivity, culture of innovation, cybersecurity, cycling


dance, dance science, data, data science, data security, data visualization, dating, deep brain stimulation, dementia, democracy, Denmark, Desire2Learn, depression, design thinking, designing neighbourhoods, diabetes, diet, digital economy, Dinos, dinosaurs, discovery-based innovation, discrimination, diversity, Diversity Days, documentary, domestic violence, donor profile, downtown, dress codes, drones, drug resistance


early childhood, early humans, early mammals, Earth Day, Easter, ebooks, economy, ecosystem, ecosystem of innovation, Egypt, Elbow River, electric vehicles, elder abuse, elections, election interference, emergency app, employee wellness, employee recognition (for articles about employee recognition programs), employee resources, endocannabinoid system, Energized by You, energy industry, engineering, entrepreneurial thinking, entrepreneurship, environment, environmental design, environmental policy, environmental stewardship, epidemics, epilepsy, equality, Eritrea, ESCAPE clinical trial, evolution, evolutionary biology, experiential learning, exercise benefits


Facebook, faculty in profile, fair trade, faith and spirituality, Fall Orientation, family, family care, fatigue, feminism, feminization, fentanyl, fibromyalgia, 50 Faces of Nursing, 55-plus health, figure skating, film, finance, fintech, First World War, fitness, floods, flu, food bank, food culture, food security, fossils, fracking, free trade, fuel cells, future of health care, future of work


gait analysis, gambling, gaming, gang prevention, genes, genetic sequencing, gender, gender equity, gender identity, gender relations, genocide, genome, Germany, Ghana, gift announcement, Giving Day, global health, gluten, goal setting, GPS, Graduate Students’ Association, graduate student excellence, graduate student research, graduate student resources, greenhouse gases, gut bacteria, gut health, Guyana, gymnastics


hackathon, harm reduction, health and wellness, health care, health-care navigation, health policy, healthy aging, heart disease, high-performance teams, hip hop, history, HIV, homelessness, honorary degree, horses, human resources, human-robot interaction, hydrocarbons, hypertension


identity, immigrant health, immigrants, immigration, immigration policy, immune system, impairment testing, In Memoriam, inclusive campus, India, Indigenization, Indigenous art, Indigenous health, Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous opportunities, Indigenous pedagogy, Indigenous rights, Indigenous youth, industry collaboration, infection, infection management, inflammatory bowel disease, information technology, injury prevention, injury research, innovation, Innovation Week, inquiry-based learning, insects, insomnia, intercultural competency, interdisciplinary, international collaboration, international development, international relations, International Space Station, international students, internationalization, internet, internet law, Internet of Things, internship, investing, Iran


Japan, journalism, judiciary, justice for Indigenous women


ketogenic diet, kidney disease, Killam Awards, knee injury


landscape architecture, language revitalization, law, lawyer, leadership, leadership appointments, leadership recognition, learning spaces, learning technology, LGBTQ2S+ (this version of the acronym recommended for UCalgary News context), life after grad school, literacy, literature, livestock, Lou Gehrig's disease, low-carbon future, lung cancer, lung infection, Lyme disease


machine learning, MacKimmie redevelopment, malaria, marketing, Mars, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, masculinity, math, MD Alumni Menagerie, medical simulation, meditation, mental health, mentorship, message to campus community, meteors, methane emissions, Mexico, microbiome, microchip technology, mindfulness, most-read news (based on analytics; consult editors), multiple sclerosis, music therapy


naloxone, nanomedicine, nanotechnology, NASA, natural disasters, near-Earth environment, neighbourhood, nervous system, neuroArm, neurotechnology, new courses, newsmakers, Nigeria, nursing, nutrition


obesity, oceans, oil and gas, oil spill, Olympics, online abuse, online learning, online privacy, online shopping, open access, opiates, opioids, opium poppies, Order of Canada, Order of the University of Calgary, organizational change, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, ovary syndrome


pandas, pandemics, patient-first strategy, Paralympics, paleontology, palliative research, parenting, parking, Parkinson's, participate in research, People in the Plans, performance art, personality, personal wellness, personal care robots, pets, philanthropy, pharmaceuticals, phishing, photography, physics, pigs, pipelines, pitch competition, plants, pneumonia, podcasting, policy, political science, politics, populism, postdoctoral scholars, poverty, power of storytelling, precision medicine, pregnancy, Pride, presidential search, productivity, probiotics, prosthetics, privacy, psychology, PTSD, public art, public policy


Qatar, quantum computing, quantum science, queer theory


racism, radon, rainbow trout, Ramadan, rankings, rare diseases, real estate, recycling, refugees, relationships, religious pluralism, Remembrance Day, renewable energy, reproductive health, reptiles, research collaboration, research commercialization, research investment (for articles announcing grants or donations toward research), research excellence (for articles specifically about awards), research skills, researcher resources, resettlement, resilience, rheumatoid arthritis, Rhodes Scholar, risk, robotics, Rocky Mountains, role of libraries, rowing, Royal Society of Canada, running injuries, Rwanda


safe campus, scholarships, science in the community, science fiction, scleroderma, Second World War, seniors health, sepsis, sexism, sexual exploitation, sexual violence, Shakespeare, shoes, skiing, sleep, smart cities, smartphone apps, social activism, social good, social innovation, social media, social work, sociology, software, solar, South Africa. South Korea, space, space careers, space weather, speedskating, spine, sports, sports science, staff in profile (when biographical information is presented), startup, STEM (when the acronym appears within the article), stem cell research, stigma, stock market, straws, strengths-based philosophy, stress management, stroke research, student awards (in reference to scholarships etc.), student clubs, student excellence, student exchanges, student innovation, student leaders, student life, student resources, student stress, students in profile (when biographical information is presented), student recognition (for articles about awards), Students’ Union, suicide prevention, summer camps, sustainable campus, sustainability, supervised consumption services


teaching expertise, teaching excellence (for articles about awards or recognition), teaching innovation, teaching resources, team-based learning, teamwork, technology effects, Three Minute Thesis, time management, top stories, town hall, trade, traffic, transgender, transportation, travel study, tuition, tuition support (in reference to the benefit for UCalgary employees), tumour, two-spirit  


UCalgary Across Alberta, UCalgary 50th anniversary, UCalgary News videos, UCeed, Uganda, urban planning, undergraduate excellence (only use in reference to formal awards or announcements), undergraduate research, United Way, University District, university history, university operations (holiday hours announcement, roads closed for construction, tuition support deadline reminder, etc.), university policies (new policy coming out or being updated), Urban Alliance, urban planning


vaccinations, Vanier Awards, video games, violence in the classroom, virtual reality, vitamin D, volleyball, volunteer


walkability, war, W.A. Ranches, waste management, wastewater, water, wearable technology, weather, wellness, wildfires, wildlife, wind, women in leadership, women in politics, women in engineering, women in science, women’s hockey, women's issues, workplace, workplace excellence, work experience


no tags yet



youth advocacy, youth culture, youth empowerment, youth health, youth leadership, youth in science