Institutional Sustainability Strategy

We are committed to creating opportunities for entrepreneurial thinking, applied practice and project-based learning in sustainability. The Institutional Sustainability Strategy is a roadmap for continuous improvement in our pursuit of excellence and leadership in sustainability. How we get there is laid out in our supporting and interdependent frameworks: Advancing Sustainability Education and Research, Engagement for Sustainability and Sustainability in Administration and Operations.


2022 Sustainability Awards

For more than a decade, UCalgary has been honouring students, faculty and staff members for their positive contributions to the sustainable future of not only the university but also communities around the world.

Watch this year's recordings to learn more about our six brilliant 2022 Sustainability Awards recipients and the work they are doing.

Certificate in Sustainability Studies

Certificate in Sustainability Studies

Make sustainability a part of your academic experience, explore new ways of thinking and enhance your future career.


Campus as a Learning Lab

The Campus as a Learning Lab (CLL) program brings together students, faculty and staff to work on projects that make UCalgary more sustainable and bring our Institutional Sustainability Strategy to life.

Ed Nowicki


At the University of Calgary, we are advancing sustainability education and research by integrating sustainability across disciplines to respond to, and partner with, our community. Sustainability is a core component of our 2018-23 Academic and Research Plans.

FutureU, Climate Action, Our Changing World


FutureU is an Innovation@UCalgary initiative that invites students to discover the world of innovation through hands-on learning and community-based activities. The goal is to help students build a sustainable life working on challenges they care about.

Energy Dashboard

Campus Energy & Emissions Dashboard

At UCalgary, we value accurate and transparent sustainability reporting. We are working to share our progress as we transform our campus into a living laboratory for climate and energy leadership. Discover our Campus Energy & Emissions Dashboard below.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Whether you're a student, faculty or staff member, there are sustainability initiatives waiting for you.



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UCalgary Certificate in Sustainability Studies

Participate in Campus as a Learning Lab

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