Helping make sustainability part of everyday campus life, building leadership capacity and working with community

Sustainability research publications per year

19.4% of researchers from 80% of academic departments are conducting sustainability-related research

Sustainability start-ups

46 sustainability start-ups

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Sustainability research publications per year

3214 sustainability research publications per year 

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experiential learning

Experiential Learning

Campus as a Learning Lab is an innovative University of Calgary initiative that uses experiential learning to foster a campus culture rooted in sustainability. Learning labs enable campuses to be active environments for teaching and learning, while supporting students to develop leadership skills and increasing the ability of an institution to address sustainability challenges. 

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bee mortality

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There are many completed Campus as a Learning Lab projects that are advancing campus sustainability such as the standardized waste bin signage initiative, bee mortality and habitat loss art installations and Fill it Forward, to name a few.

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Student Engagement

The Sustainability Peer Helper and Ambassador programs had over 80 students participating in 2018-19, contributing to sustainability initiatives, events and projects across campus.

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Sustainable Development Goals Alliance

Over 20 student clubs are advancing sustainability and working towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals through the SDGA. 

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Staff Engagement

140 staff members are current Sustainability Coordinators, playing a leading role in achieving sustainability goals across campus.

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Sustainable Events

In fall 2018, the Sustainable Events program was launched, making it easier to plan inclusive, environmentally conscious and socially responsible events. The program includes a checklist of University of Calgary-specific best practices, as well as simple tools, resources and workshops to support sustainable decision-making in the event planning process. In the 2018-19 year, over 60 events were certified reaching students, faculty and staff across campus.

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Sustainable Offices

The University of Calgary’s Sustainable Offices Program was launched in fall 2018. The program, intended for all offices on campus, provides simple tools and resources to connect the decisions we make every day to the University of Calgary’s sustainability goals. The program offers two badges (waste and meetings) with additional badges added in 2019 to include energy, well-being and procurement. 

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Campus Garden

The community garden had another successful year with 60 plot holders including students, staff, faculty and members of the community.

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Sustainability-Related Events

University of Calgary faculties, departments and clubs hosted over 190 sustainability-related events in the 2018-19 year with over 16,000 attendees. Some events include: AINA Speaker Series | Enbridge Research in Action Seminar Series  Friday Afternoon Talk SeriesDesign Matters


Spirit of Gold Awards

The University of Calgary received the President’s Award from the United Way of Calgary and Area annual Spirits of Gold awards ceremony. The university was chosen for this special recognition because of its inspiring, sustained commitment and efforts in support of the city.

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Academic Sustainability Speaker Series

The third year of the Academic Sustainability Speaker Series focused on fashion, cities of the future, development and population dynamics and stewardship and ethics, all in relation to sustainability. Panelists included University of Calgary faculty, industry experts, entrepreneurs, community organizations and government representatives. The 2018-19 year saw a 10% increase in attendance over 2017-18, with 34% of attendees being University of Calgary alumni.

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Public Interest Law Clinic

The University of Calgary’s Public Interest Law Clinic connects the Faculty of Law with the surrounding community by providing pro bono legal services for cases that include a strategic law reform component. The Clinic has a strong environmental law base. A recent example of their work includes the Redwater Energy case, which resulted in the ruling that provincial regulators can require energy companies to clean up old wells — even in bankruptcy.  In this case, the Clinic’s client was focused on energy companies fulfilling their environmental obligations in rural Alberta.

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Campfire Chats

June 21, 2019 marked the fourth annual Campfire Chat, a public event hosted by the University of Calgary in partnership with the Calgary Stampede in celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day. This year’s event focused on the topic of Indigenous languages in recognition of the United Nations General Assembly’s dedication of 2019 as the International Year of Indigenous Languages. This public event included an afternoon of Indigenous storytelling with traditional knowledge keepers, followed by a moderated conversation around a campfire exploring the importance of Indigenous languages.