Sustainability Moments

Start your meetings with a sustainability moment.

Sustainability Moment PowerPoint Presentations

Accessible Presentations

At UCalgary, we believe in accessibility. Ensure your presentations are accessible to people with visual, hearing and physical disabilities.

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Plastic Waste Reduction

Learn how you can reduce plastic waste and help UCalgary divert 80 per cent of our waste from landfills.

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Sustainable Coffee Breaks

Did you know that UCalgary is a certified Fair Trade campus? Support our designation and make your coffee consumption sustainable.

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National Pollinator Week

Learn why pollinators are important and how to support them.

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Learn why idling negatively impacts the environment and why UCalgary advocates for sustainable commuting.

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Comfort Champion

Learn more about how appointing a Comfort Champion can help your office strike a balance between thermal comfort and energy efficiency. 

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Space Heater Retirement

Learn how to stay warm without a space heater and meet the goals outlined in UCalgary's Climate Action Plan.

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Sustainability Moment Videos

Turn the Key. Be Idle-Free.

Avoid idling on campus. Help UCalgary reduce its environmental footprint and encourage sustainable commuting.

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A Sustainable Commute

Every time you use transit you take a car off the road and help UCalgary reach its goal of becoming a carbon neutral campus by 2050.

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Some Things are Better Sorted

By 2020, UCalgary is committed to diverting 80 per cent of waste from landfills. Start a new habit and sort your garbage using our four stream waste bins.

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All Waste has its Place

UCalgary strives to become a zero waste community. Use the four stream waste bins available on campus to create a zero waste culture.

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