Writing Symbols Lodge

The University of Calgary welcomes, respects, and supports the rich diversity of Indigenous learners, their communities, cultural traditions, and aspirations in post-secondary education.

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Writing Symbols Lodge

Writing Symbols Lodge

Writing Symbols Lodge, previously named the Native Centre, received its new name in a ceremony held in June 2019. You can read about the ceremony and the name announcement here

 Indigenous Relations

Looking for Indigenous Relations training?

UCalgary's Indigenous Relations Training Program is offering an interactive, intensive course in Indigenous Relations. The course is delivered over four days through eight modules. Registration is open for Feb 18–21, 2020 and May 12-15, 2020.

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Teapot with teacup beside it

Partake in the Cree Grandmother's Tea Ceremony at Writing Symbols Lodge

This monthly ceremony allows participation in ceremony with women across campus and the broader community. This ceremony, run by Elder Kerrie Moore, honours women who have come before us through a ceremony which includes drumming, singing, prayer, smudging and sharing tea.

Female-identifying participants are asked to wear long skirts.

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If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact a member of our team or visit us in person during our office hours.

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Prospective Students

The University of Calgary offers excellent academic programs, and provides a welcome and supportive learning environment for FNMI students.

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Current Students

Access culturally based services and engagement opportunities that enhance the student experience and support academic success.

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We work with the campus community, FNMI organizations and communities, corporate partners, and other educational institutions.

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Indigenous Grad Celebration

The annual Graduation Banquet and Pow-wow celebrates the success of graduating Indigenous students.

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