Ótáp ímisskaan

Ótáp ímisskaan: the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program

Ótáp ímisskaan (pronounced Óo-tdúp-ím-ss-gkhan) is a community-based Indigenous youth outreach program designed to motivate and empower Indigenous youth to become future leaders and to seek the leader within.

What is Ótáp ímisskaan?

Ótáp ímisskaan (formerly the Native Ambassador Post-secondary Initiative or NAPI) is designed for Indigenous youth aged 13-24 and consists of two main streams: Educational Outreach and Youth Leadership Training. Both avenues provide educational information, motivation and inspiration that will engage youth to make informed decisions, develop a vision for their future, and contribute positively to their community.

Our goal is to develop leadership skills, build self-awareness, offer knowledge, and encourage Indigenous youth to pursue post-secondary education. We aim to ultimately empower and inspire Indigenous youth to realize their own potential in order to become emerging leaders of today and tomorrow.

Contact Info

Ótáp ímisskaan Program Coordinator


Leadership Training

Ótáp ímisskaan Leadership Training is a certificate program for youth that encompasses three tiers of leadership training, adapted from the University of Calgary Student Leadership Program. The levels include the following:

Level I: Personal Leadership

This level of training includes five modules-two hours each and focuses on defining leadership, self-development, self-management, and self-empowerment.

Level II: Team Leadership

This level of training includes five modules-two hours each and focuses on team development, conflict resolution, problem solving, and facilitating change.

Level IIl: Community Leadership

This level of training includes three modules- two hours each and 14 hours of verified community or school-based volunteer service hours. The modules focus on understanding the nature of community, communal responsibility, building community through Indigenous Ways of Knowing.

Ótáp ímisskaan Ambassador Job Opportunities

Indigenous students attending post-secondary institutions have the ability to be a tangible, positive role model for Indigenous youth. By attending post-secondary education, they can motivate and inspire youth to consider higher learning and to honour the leadership skills they uniquely have.

Ótáp ímisskaan Program Ambassadors reach out to Indigenous youth across Canada; primarily Alberta, and northeastern B.C. through facilitating leadership training and motivational presentations.

Applications open every fall

Applicants must be full-time students and attend either: SAIT Polytechnic, Bow Valley College, Mount Royal University, Ambrose University, ACAD, St. Mary's University, or the University of Calgary.


The Ótáp ímisskaan Ambassador position is closed at this time.

Partners and Sponsors

Ótáp ímisskaan is funded through the generous support of our corporate sponsors:

Ótáp ímisskaan is also funded by the Government of Canada's Canada Summer Jobs program.