Tina Guo

WRC Distinguished Undergraduate Award Recipient 2019

WRC Award Recipients


Tina Guo is a passionate clinician, researcher and activist. Born into a first-generation immigrant family, she came to understand at a young age the irreplaceability of diligence and tenacity. Personal experiences not only exposed Tina to the systemic barriers for marginalized populations that complicate access to resources, services and opportunities, but gave her the insight to better understand and be compassionate to the needs of others. 

Having studied Biological Sciences in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree, her demonstrated academic excellence, instrumental research contributions and domestic violence advocacy earned her rare acceptance into the Cumming School of Medicine’s Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program prior to completing an undergraduate degree. Her passion for health humanities was cultivated by her extracurricular activities, initiatives and projects that advocated for those who had experienced mental illness, homelessness, or domestic abuse. This is illustrated by Tina’s motivation to found the Students Against Domestic Abuse Association (SADAA) to advocate for survivors of domestic abuse and dating violence, disproportionately represented by women. Tina manages to balance both the responsibilities of a medical student and her position as co-executive director of SADAA. 

Tina is a trailblazer, not only in the novelty and innovation behind the organization that she founded, or her unique and thoughtful approach to leadership, but through both academic and professional achievements. Through her biology and public health research, Tina has made meaningful contributions to both the Department of Biology and the O’Brien Institute for Public Health. Consequently, Tina is currently drafting a manuscript, for which she will be the first author, to publish a systematic review of how physicians and healthcare systems globally identify cardiovascular risk factors. As vice-president finance of the Student Run Clinic, Tina continues to address the intersections between domestic abuse, mental illness, and homelessness by providing quality, accessible healthcare for residents and patients at Inn from the Cold, the Calgary Dream Centre and at the Mosaic Refugee Health Clinic. Tina is recognized for having imparted a considerable legacy of community service, volunteerism, and leadership at the University of Calgary.