Sue-Shane Tsomondo

Excellence in Leadership 2018

Sheila O'Brien Award recipient


Sue-Shane Tsomondo has a BA in International Relations, with a minor in English. Over the course of her studies, she was a research assistant on the Journey Home Project in the Faculty of Social Work, which focuses on refugee resilience. Her research supports the decolonization of academic research. As a person of colour from Zimbabwe, Sue-Shane strongly believes that postcolonial theory is vital to the integrity of research on marginalized groups. Her research reflects her long term goals – Sue-Shane hopes to use her interest in and knowledge of African politics to garner additional experiences in justice and reconciliation, with aspirations of obtaining her Master of Social Work. But all above all else, she would like to return to her home country and facilitate national reconciliation programs on a state level. 

In addition to her academic pursuits, Sue-Shane was a dedicated volunteer and a key member of the WRC community since 2016. She joined the Events and Education team with hopes of organizing events that honed in on diverse experiences and filling gaps in course offerings. Sue-Shane created invaluable learning by putting on events – perhaps most notably were her presentation on Feminism in Africa and Black History Month exhibition. 

Being a part of the EEMA team helped Sue-Shane explore her passion for advocacy, both as a presenter and in a leadership capacity by helping other volunteers achieve their goals. Sue-Shane was selected by her WRC volunteer peers to be recognized for outstanding contributions to the WRC and her commitment to fostering an inclusive, compassionate and supportive space for the campus community.