Samantha Cheuk

Excellence in Women's Leadership 2013

Sheila O'Brien Award recipient


Samantha Cheuk studied Health and Society with a concentration in Anthropology in the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) program. Her research practicum with Dr. Bonnie Lashewicz examined hybrid masculine identities of fathers of children with autism spectrum disorder. This is important to her academically and personally because it recognizes changing family structures by exploring the perspectives of fathers, instead of only mothers, to promote equality between the genders in the research literature. She enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of her degree stream as it encouraged her to take courses from a variety of disciplines which demonstrates the power of combining academic realms.  Samantha applied her knowledge from these disciplines in a culminated research project in summer 2013 with the Global Health Program in Tanzania.  

Samantha learned about the Women’s Resource Centre in her first year of university during orientation week. She talked to the WRC staff member at a booth that was set up in the upper track of the Jack Simpson Gymnasium and became fascinated about the centre. Samantha joined the WRC as a peer support volunteer in September 2010 and then moved into a co-team leader role for the Community-Building, Peer Support, and Outreach team in September 2011. She was energized by conversations with fellow volunteers and visitors in the centre and enjoyed learning about gender equality with them. She kept the WRC a warm and welcoming space for everyone and frequently encouraged friends and classmates to visit the centre. Samantha demonstrated an exceptional display of leadership, attentiveness, consistency, involvement, incredible capability of managing multiple responsibilities and tasks, and a sincere enjoyment and appreciation of the WRC, and its initiatives and goals. 

The most powerful and life-changing workshop that Samantha attended was the Let’s Talk Leadership series. These workshops challenged Samantha to grow on a personal level and shaped her leadership identity to empower others, especially women, to discover their full worth and potential. Samantha was selected by her WRC volunteer peers to be recognized for her outstanding contributions to the WRC and the campus community.