Ola Mohajer

WRC Distinguished Student Award Recipient 2012

WRC Award Recipients


Ola Mohajer has been a student leader since her first year on campus while studying  for her BSc and BA. She was Students’ Union Vice President Academic where she represented over 25,000 undergraduate students. Ola demonstrated wisdom and professional excellence by publishing on metabolism in the human abdomen which has been implemented into Biochemistry labs and is used by all students within the Biochemistry and Biological Science programs. 

Ola Mohajer is an archetype for overcoming challenges and trail blazing for women and through her efforts has inspired many young women from a variety of backgrounds. She demonstrated resilience by winning past SU elections as a Faculty Representative, after people wrote "terrorist" on some of her campaign posters. Despite this display of hatred, Ola continues to advocate for students. Her overcoming of challenges culminated  when Ola won an executive position in the 2011 Students' Union election. 

Ola demonstrates compassion through having served as VP Events for a human rights group as well as a peace and mediation group. She has engaged in public speaking opportunities focused on the values of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim woman, correcting stereotypes people have about women in Islam. She also educates youth on human rights in Canada and informs them about the importance of their engagement within their schools and communities. Her most recent talk was to empower high school female minority low-income students to pursue post-secondary education. Through her speaking engagements, community service, advocacy, and academic excellence Ola has impacted and educated thousands of people in the Calgary community, young and old, male and female, across all barriers.