Clare Hickie

WRC Distinguished Undergraduate Award Recipient 2018

WRC Award Recipients


Clare Hickie is an accomplished, hardworking and strong student leader in her final semester of a BA (Honours) in Psychology with a minor in development studies. In addition to demonstrated academic excellence, Clare’s contributions are instrumental in implementing initiatives that encourage resiliency and stigma reduction on campus, as well as promoting greater inclusivity and justice through critical evaluation. 

As a strong spokesperson and advocate for mental health, Clare shares her knowledge and lived experiences to support others and influence change. These qualities combined with her extensive leadership experience on campus have given her the experience and the foresight to better understand and be compassionate to the needs of others. As an executive member, of the Mental Health Awareness Club, she was committed to changing the culture of mental health on campus by organizing events and initiatives that raised the profile of student mental health. After being diagnosed with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, Clare decided to publicly share her experiences with mental illness and mental health challenges. 

Clare has worked to evaluate the Campus Mental Health Strategy, organize grassroots events like Outrun the Stigma and serve in varying roles in the development and implementation on the Campus Mental Health Strategy (CMHS); she has served on multiple boards and committees and currently works as research assistant with the strategy. In her role as a research assistant, she has worked with peers to create a program evaluation toolkit to assist university of Calgary staff, faculty, students, and community members with program evaluation. 

In addition to her work with mental health, Clare has been involved in feminist activism and organizing through the Women’s Studies and Feminist Club. As the current VP Education and Activism, she has worked to organize feminist and pro-choice activism on campus, as well as educational and training opportunities for campus and community members. 

This breadth of activity has resulted in the development of an extraordinary student leader, committed to making the world a better place. Clare is dedicated to cultivating a sense of kindness and inclusivity on campus. Her work is largely informed by her experiences living with mental illness, and the barriers and struggles she has had to overcome as a result. These experiences have encouraged her to value openness and vulnerability, and to create spaces where everyone can feel safe, included, and welcome. These experiences have also impacted her world perspective, and encourage her to take a pro-active stance against discrimination and oppression on campus and in the wider community. She values the importance of taking a stand against injustice, and speaking out against intolerance.