Chrystal Campbell

WRC Distinguished Undergraduate Award Recipient 2017

WRC Award Recipients


Chrystal Campbell started her academic career in her late 20’s, first in business administration, before transitioning into social work. Chrystal is now in her final year of the Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Calgary. As a proud First Nations woman, she is dedicated to finding creative ways to apply her academic and life experience in her community. For the past five years, Chrystal has  met her educational goals while working full-time as a social development income support worker in her community of Duncan First Nation. 

Chrystal has overcome barriers such as personal loss and intergenerational trauma, which have given her experience and the foresight to understand and be compassionate to the needs of others. Since returning to her community 20 years ago, Chrystal has continuously been invested in and dedicated to community development projects. Chrystal is passionate about education and believes not only in the conventional academic aspects of education – but also honours the traditional, cultural and holistic teachings that guide her in her practice.  Chrystal has been instrumental in implementing initiatives that encourage healing and growth, as well as promote healthy relationships and community wellness. 

In her role as an income support worker, she has shaped the program to bring in additional supports and resources to combat issues such as violence against women and families, and addressing lateral violence within the community. Chrystal is passionate about the passing down of cultural teachings, and strives to keep these teachings alive in the community by working with groups of women and youth to practice these important traditions, such as beading and regalia-making for the pow-wow. Chrystal believes that these values not only empower women and youth but create a strong foundation for one’s self-identity and belief in one’s self.