Adina Edwards

WRC Distinguished Student Award Recipient 2009

WRC Award Recipients


Adina Edwards has a Bachelors degree in visual arts from the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, B.C.  During her undergraduate studies she was awarded numerous scholarships, graduated with honours, and worked part-time at homeless shelters and with youth in foster care.  After working full-time for four years as a supervisor at a transitional housing project for women actively using drugs and involved in sex work, Adina decided to return to her studies to complete a Master's degree in fine arts at the University of Calgary.  She was awarded the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant in 2008 for her art which addresses social justice and health concerns for women. 

In her personal life, Adina has overcome the barrier of only completing grade seven before going to university as an adult.  She has also struggled with growing up in the poorest region in Canada and suffered from marginalization due to poverty, drug misuse and sexual exploitation as a youth. 

Adina has remained committed to the work she does with sexually exploited women in the downtown east side of Vancouver, B.C., and has also just completed a year of work with the city of Calgary creating arts initiatives for the homeless population.  Her commitment to social justice concerns for women in survival sex work is evident not only in the art she creates but in the many active projects she remains dedicated to.