Aashna Josh

Excellence in Women's Leadership 2015

Sheila O'Brien Award recipient


Aashna Josh is a Biological Anthropology and Biological Science major. She loves learning and is passionate about her field of study. She enjoys studying human fossil remains, primate conservation, and genetics. She has experience working in an Osteology lab on campus, and she currently does research in the Molecular Genetics lab at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Her research focuses on using current medical technology to develop a detection method for a particular congenital, adrenal disorder.  She has aspirations for graduate and/or medical studies. 

Aashna became a member of the WRC as part of the Community Outreach and Peer Support Team in September 2013. She was interested in social justice and activism her whole life, and this spurred her to join the WRC. She learned a lot about feminism from speaking to her peers in the centre, attending events, and starting conversations with those more experienced in their activism. Prior to joining the WRC, her feminism was limited to gender-based and sexual orientation-based issues, however, after becoming a part of the WRC, she has learned about the importance of intersectional activism. She enjoys public campaigning and speaking to people who are unaware of many of the issues we face in today’s society. She is currently working on better implementing her activism and feminism into daily life.  Aashna is one of the most committed volunteers and has been a valuable mentor and friend to fellow volunteers.  Aashna was selected by her WRC volunteer peers to be recognized for her outstanding contributions to the WRC and the campus community. 

Image by Monique de St. Croix