UCalgary Strong

Welcome to UCalgaryStrong

Welcome to UCalgaryStrong, a campus-wide initiative aimed at equipping students with the skills they need to become grounded leaders, help build a cohesive community, and develop personal resiliency to cope with the stressors inherent in post-secondary life.

UCalgaryStrong Goals

UCalgaryStrong provides specialized programs and services that focus on three key areas of development:

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Build leadership capacity

Strong leaders have a strong sense of self-awareness. The leadership component of UCalgaryStrong asks participants to define the innate talents that make them unique, and then build on this knowledge through strengths-based workshops and exercises. Since its inception, this approach has helped instil students with the confidence to engage in personal leadership development throughout their student journey.

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Build strong communities

Strong communities help develop thoughtful and resilient individuals who are committed to a shared set of principles. The community thrives when cooperation becomes collaboration as a result of looking out for one another, working on projects together, or just taking time to play and socialize.

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Build personal resiliency

Sometimes it’s difficult to bounce back from the challenges presented by post-secondary life. By normalizing help-seeking behaviours and establishing positive personal habits, UCalgaryStrong encourages students to more easily move through those challenges and develop the personal resiliency skills necessary to maintain good mental and physical health.