Undergraduate Writing Workshops

Through the fall and winter semesters, Writing Support offers workshops that all University of Calgary students can attend.

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Writing Support

Taylor Family Digital Library, third floor

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Dr. Kendell Heydon

Writing Basics

Preparing to write your first paper: Exploring the expectations of university writing

This workshop offers new university students an introduction to the new expectations and resources at the University of Calgary. In addition, it explores the transition from high school to university writing and the expectation level of University Writing. It features topics like getting the most from your assignment (sheet); finding sources, and key points to consider before you hand in your paper. This workshop also explores significant concepts to help you improve your writing skills.

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Structuring your paper: Developing effective thesis statements

Rather than struggle to create a perfect thesis statement on your own, work through this process with us. This workshop offers a variety of ways to understand thesis statements and their role in building arguments. Students will get hands-on practice drafting thesis statements and understand how they tie elements of a paper together.

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Writing academically: Paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting; incorporating the words and ideas of others

This session provides you with a number of strategies for using sources effectively in your writing. It illustrates the differences between legitimate and illegitimate paraphrasing. It also focuses on a checklist that is important to consider when you paraphrase an original text, summarize a paragraph, and quote ideas of others. This workshop helps you avoid unintentional plagiarism.

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Preparing to submit: Revising for clarity and concision

Clarity and concision focuses on how to increase the clarity of your writing and how to become a writer who gets straight to the point. Find out how to increase the clarity of your writing and other tips.

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