Academic planning support for international students

International graduate students are offered the opportunity to request additional supports at any stage of their academic program. These are designed to support students with English as an additional language and are especially useful for International graduate students hoping to generally improve their written and spoken English and adjust to the Canadian academic environment or are looking for short-term supports as they approach writing or presentation deadlines. Students who are permanent residents or Canadian citizens but whose first language is not English are also welcome to apply.

Please complete the intake form. The Academic Development Specialist for International Students will contact you to discuss your requests and determine appropriate supports.

(e.g. MA, Linguistics)
Please choose from the following list to request academic and language supports for graduate students through International Student programming at the Student Success Centre. You may choose as many categories as you wish.

At your initial intake appointment with the Academic Development Specialist for International Students, we will determine appropriate supports for the time frame we agree is best (usually 4-6 weeks) and arrange these as your schedule permits.  If more support is needed, this can be negotiated at a subsequent meeting.

You will be contacted within a week of submitting this form.  If you need additional information before that time, please e-mail Jennifer Parsons (

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