Dinos GPS - Academic Support for Varsity Student Athletes

Take your academic performance to the next level by working with our academic coaches and tutors.  We understand your unique needs as student-athletes and we provide customized support. 

A group of female student athletes celebrate a victory

We're proud to provide the DINOS Grade Point Success (GPS) program, designed to help our athletes navigate toward their full academic potential. The DINOS GPS program includes:

  • Ongoing one-on-one academic development coaching and goal setting.
  • Access to exploratory advising for prospective, open studies, and arts undeclared athletes. 
  • Academic skill development including writing exams, maximizing learning, studying, time management and organization.
  • Athlete-specific workshops.
  • One-on-one math, statistics, and writing tutoring.
  • Referrals to program advisors and other UCalgary resources.

Meet the GPS Team

Dina Taher 
Academic Coach 
KNA 148A 

Mariann Howell
Academic Coach
KNA 133 and Student Success Centre

Deirdre Mooney
Exploratory Advisor 
Student Success Centre

What can GPS do for you?

Academic coaching

Over the duration of an hour we meet one-on-one to identify academic strengths, challenges, and opportunities and address any concerns or questions that you may have. We're able to work with you throughout the semester on a variety of topics. We encourage you to bring any additional materials that would be helpful in your session such as your schedule, study materials or results from exams.


Dinos GPS offers math, statistics, and writing support for varsity athletes. Log into the booking portal to find dates and times under “Dinos GPS Events”.


Are you an upper year Dino interested in sharing your expertise with incoming student athletes? Are you a student athlete looking for support from an upper year peer? Learn more about our Dinos Peer Mentor program!

Exploratory Advising

Are you in open studies, arts undeclared, or undecided about your program? Meet with our Exploratory Advisor to improve your understanding of registration, transfer credit, diverse qualifications, and more! Exploratory advising can help plan your education to ensure it aligns with your academic and athletic goals. 

Contact us today to begin enhancing your academic performance!