Conflict Management Digital Badge

Conflict management is a key skill for achieving success at school, work and in our personal lives. The Conflict Management Digital Badge is a workshop-based, professional development opportunity, which helps students increase their abilities and comfort levels with respect to navigating conflicts. The trainings take approximately 11 hours to complete, and address topics ranging from conflict styles to navigating conflict in relationships to intercultural communication. When students complete the program, they’ll receive a digital badge on their LinkedIn profiles, which represents their skill development in this area.

This program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, and it’s free to enroll in. Students can take the trainings at their own pace.

To request a registration appointment, fill out the form below. A staff member will be in touch with you shortly to get you started in the program.

For questions about the program, please email

Conflict Management Digital Badge is a UCalgaryStrong initiative.

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