Hearing Board member application

Undergraduate students*, graduate students* and faculty are invited to apply to serve as Hearing Board members in accordance with Appendix 1: Hearing Board Composition, as outlined in the Student Non-Academic Misconduct Procedure.

*This position requires students to be in “good conduct standing”. For information on good conduct standing, please refer to the FAQ.

Candidates selected to be trained as Hearing Board members will be notified after the application deadline. If you have served as a Hearing Board member in the past, please indicate in the field provided. All students and faculty members interested in serving as a Hearing Board member in the upcoming year must submit an application. 

Application process via webform:

  1. Fill in your contact information
  2. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your relationship to the campus community (250 - 500 words)
  3. Tell us why the position of Non-Academic Misconduct Hearing Board member interests you

Should you have any questions, please contact the Student Conduct Office.

E.g. In what ways are you involved in the campus community? What department are you in? If you are a student, what is your major? Are you a member of any clubs? List any experiences that you feel may be relevant to the role of Hearing Board member.
Have you been trained as a Student Non-Academic Misconduct Hearing Board Member before?
I understand and (if selected) am willing to accept the duties of Hearing Board member as set out in the Student Non-Academic Misconduct Procedure (sections 4.7 thru 4.15).