2017 Award Recipients

As this academic year comes to an end, it is our pleasure to announce the recipients of The President’s Award for Excellence in Student Leadership for 2017. This award was established in 2008 to recognize exceptional students who have a record of academic achievement, consistently demonstrate leadership, and make significant contributions to our community.

Samantha Hossack, President's Award Recipient 2017

Samantha Hossack, Master of Strategic Studies

Samantha Hossack is dedicated to improving student experiences and has just completed her term as President of the Graduate Students’ Association, as well as contributing to a variety of university committees including the Board of Governors, General Faculties Council and Faculty of Graduate Studies Council, as a student member. Representing her fellow students in the local, provincial and national communities, Hossack has met with the Minister of Advanced Education advocating on behalf of graduate students in Alberta, and is working to initiate information sharing best practices with student associations across Canada.


She has presented her research at conferences with the Canadian Conference of Defence Association, and in Croatia with the International Intelligence History Association as the only graduate student presenter. Samantha has published papers in the Royal Canadian Military Institute’s magazine and the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, as well as articles for the NATO Council of Canada. Samantha volunteers with the Forum for Young Albertans and the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, and is an improv performer at the Loose Moose Theatre Company.

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