Elective Sessions

Discovering different campus offerings on your own is half the fun of beginning university. The elective session is meant to break that huge list down for you into some of the most popular topics, activities, clubs and programs. You will be able to select your elective sessions in the Fall Orientation registration form.

Leading a sustainable lifestyle

Proper waste management, zero-waste goal setting and having an action-oriented sustainability plan have become major parts of the strategic plan for UCalgary, and values that guide engaged citizens worldwide. Learn more about the initiatives taking place here at UCalgary, and how you can help to make a difference. 

Becoming a Zero-Waste Campus

Simple actions can ignite big impacts. Learn about how you can help the University of Calgary become a zero-waste community and be a part of our effort to cultivate a culture of sustainability on campus. Take action and learn about ways to get involved in various sustainability programs.

A Road Map to a Carbon Neutral Campus by 2050

Students will learn how UCalgary is planning its transition towards a carbon neutral campus by 2050. Meet our team to learn how our Climate Action Plan supports sustainable practices on campus.

Let's Talk Sustainability

Come to Active Living prepared for activity and show us your 'flex appeal' for a chance to win prizes and learn about your FREE membership and other Active Living programming! Don't want to get sweaty? No worries, it's not hardcore stuff...or mainstream...Just FUN!

What is Entrepreneurial Thinking?

Join the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking to learn about what resources are available to help you learn about entrepreneurial thinking and how it applies to you. The Hunter Hub can also help you launch or grow your entrepreneurial endeavor. Whether it be a business, side hustle or a social

Extra-curricular activities on campus

Your academics are super important, but it'll be how you spend your non-study time that will make the biggest impact on your time in university. Get involved in something that interests you, make some friends and find a new hobby!

SU Clubs: #TheresAClubForThat

With over 300 clubs on campus, there's something for everyone. Joining an SU Club is the best way to attend awesome events and meet friends with similar interests, and they're all run by students just like you. We'll cover club events, how to sign up for clubs, and more!

Campus radio, television and journalism

Get an in-depth tour of CJSW (radio), the Gauntlet (newspaper), and NUTV (television) on the third floor of MacEwan Student Center. This session will inform you all about Co-Curricular Record eligible volunteer opportunities at the tri-media facilities with the opportunity to win some cool prizes.

Get Active With Active Living

Come to Active Living prepared for activity and your curiosity about your FREE membership. We've got activities for everyone!. Enter to win prizes. Don't want to get sweaty? No worries, it's not hardcore stuff...or mainstream...Just FUN!

Volunteer Services: More than you expect!

Volunteering is a rewarding experience, but it also serves as a great way to build your academic and professional portfolio. The SU's Volunteer Services offers ten diverse volunteer programs to fit different schedules and skill-sets run by students, for students. Find out how to get involved today!

Skill-building and international opportunities

Learn important tips and strategies that will help you to adapt to university-level academic expectations and discover how you can complete part of your degree in another country. 

Learning in Lectures: Note taking strategies

This session will support you in preparing for the lecture as an instructional format. You will be introduced to effective note taking strategies through a note taking activity; highlighting how to prepare for lectures, take effective notes within lectures and how to engage with these notes after lecture.

“Make” the Most of Your Library

3D Printers, ePianos, Video Games, Special Collections and Virtual Reality! What do you want to create? A paper, an app or a music track – come and build, craft, hack, and play. Work together as a group to collect tokens and knowledge from our library makers and spaces. Prizes await, not to mention new knowledge and creations.

Time Management: Planning for the unexpected

This session will introduce the strategy of backwards planning to you through an activity where you work from a course outline. You will develop a plan to work towards completion of each assessment, working backwards to set milestones.

Study Abroad 101

Studying at UCalgary doesn't mean staying here. You can spend a week, month, semester, or year abroad completing degree requirements while paying UCalgary tuition and remaining eligible for loans and awards, including study abroad grants. Discover how to make the world your classroom and have the experience of a lifetime!

Enhance your personal well-being

University is filled with a variety of experiences, some empowering and some challenging. Take this opportunity to learn and ask questions about the supports, workshops and information available on campus in regards to the topics listed below. 

Harm Reduction: Tips for Safer Substance Use

Harm reduction is a pragmatic approach to health, which focuses on the safety of people who choose to use substances.  Gain practical information about alcohol, cannabis, opioids, and other substances, and leave with strategies to improve the safety of anyone in your community who chooses to use.

What is Addiction? Unlearning Stigma

We’ve all grown up with different messages about addiction, how it works, and how to help.  In this session students will be invited to explore their own assumptions, learn about problematic substance use, gain strategies to reduce stigma, and encourage help seeking behaviour in their communities.

Healthy Living with Student Wellness Services

Health and well-being are integral to student success, engagement and the overall post-secondary experience. This session will incorporate advice from current and past university students to show what resources are available to help promote wellness and find balance in your life throughout the academic year.

Strategies for Positive Mental Health

Your mental health affects all areas of your life, including academics, relationships and your overall well-being. This session will focus on what mental health is, how to recognize signs of declining mental health in yourself and others, strategies for maintaining positive mental health and ways to help a friend who might be struggling.

Planning for your university journey

For many new students, university is uncharted and mysterious territory. Learn more about how to plan out your degree, what different careers options there are, and where to meet people who have similar interests.

Exploring Degree Options

Break apart myths about Options, learn about your opportunities for a unique, fulfilling experience, and leave with the essential resources to discover your path through university. You have many opportunities to uniquely shape your degree program, and it is never too early to start. This session is an opportunity to learn how you could integrate minors, embedded certificates, or a combined degree into your program.

What Makes YOU Stand Out?

Knowing your strengths and how to apply them is one of the ways that you can create a successful university experience. With CliftonStrengths for Students, you can discover your “Top 5” talents and what it is that makes you stand out. In this session, you’ll get to explore these concepts and how to apply them! Remember to discover your “Top 5” talents before the session by going to ucalgary.gallup.com. Don't forget to bring a paper or electronic copy of your Strengths with you to the session!

Your Career Starts Here

Join Career Services for an interactive workshop and learn about how to develop and enhance your desired career path starting now.

Find your fit at university

Want to give back to your campus community and beyond or just need breakfast? The SU’s Volunteer Services has eleven programs (including the Q Centre, Breakfast Program, and Campus Food Bank) run by students, for students – find out how you can get involved today!

Unique student perspectives

Students choose to attend university at different stages in life, and with a variety of goals and outcomes in mind. Learn about the experiences of existing and mature students, from the faculty (for BEd students) and from the perspective of the student conduct office. 

Mature Students

Returning to or beginning university as a mature student is can be an exciting and challenging transition. This two-part session features an introduction to the campus community, a presentation introducing you to key resources, and a panel comprised of other mature students to answer your most pressing questions.

Student Life: A Student's Perspective

What does "Student Life" really look like? Get tips and tricks directly from students just like you, including lockers, deals on textbooks, study spots, and fun events to make the most of your time on campus!

Concurrent BEd Student Welcome

Welcome to Education! An opportunity for you to engage with the Education portion of your Concurrent degree. Meet other students in the program, interact with your Student Advising Team, and learn ways to stay connected to your Education throughout the entirety of your program!

Introduction to the Student Conduct Office

Being part of a positive and rigorous learning environment means we look out for one another. The Student Conduct Office will cover University policies and how they might relate to you. We'll also talk about how and when we can intervene in behaviour or situations that might be dangerous or distressing.

Still have questions? Find answers by using Online Orientation – a discussion hub and information resource for first-year students.