UCalgary Meet-Up

Offering students the chance to get together and find a community on campus, UCalgary Meet-Up presents various inclusive social opportunities, both on campus and within the Calgary community that students can embark on as a group.

UCalgary Meet-Up

Join UCalgary Meet-Up and get emails about the best events on and around campus while meeting new people. Once you register, all you have to do is show up to our events! Whether it be cheering on the Dinos at live games, competing with each-other at a board game night or participating as a team in a soccer game, everyone who joins will have a chance to Meet-Up with new people and be the first to find out about the best events on and around campus.


What is it? UCalgary Meet-Up is a casual program that encourages students attend the best events on and around campus together.
Who can participate? Any and all UCalgary Students
Where does it take place? It varies based on what events you are most interested in attending.

When are the events? Again, it varies.There will be at least two events you can attend per month.