Peer Helper Program

Peer Helpers are non-paid leadership positions, open to all UCalgary students, that create immersive, meaningful learning opportunities within a variety of departments and offices.

Peer Helper Program

Contribute to your résumé and to the UCalgary community

Peer Helpers are non-paid leadership positions, open to all UCalgary students, that create immersive, meaningful learning opportunities within a variety of departments and offices.The Peer Helper Program provides intensive leadership training, Co-Curricular Record credit, and amazing resume and portfolio boosting skills.

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Application Details

Peer Helper applications open mostly throughout the spring/summer semesters with a fall semester start. Please check the offices below to see more accurate updates.

  1. Browse the open positions and campus offices in the list below.
  2. Decide which Peer Helper position suits your interests and your goals.
  3. Complete the application form at this link. Please note the updates on this webpage and specific deadlines within the volunteer descriptions.

Don't know which position best help you reach your goals? Consider signing up for an Involvement Advising appointment where you can talk it out with one of our staff.

Peer Helper Professional Development Program

Closing the gap between education and employable skills can be challenging for students as they prepare for the workforce.

The Peer Helper Professional Development Program is an SU Quality Money funded series of four retreats aimed at helping students develop and articulate those skills, through workshops, reflection and skills-oriented seminars.

Peer Helper Positions

The staff and Peer Helpers at Career Services offer a variety of resume-reviewing services! If you think your resume or cover letter could use an update, you can find great resources here.

If you would like to apply to a Peer Helper position, apply here.

Student Wellness Services

A great opportunity for students involved in health and sciences, Student Wellness Services provides Peer Helper positions that are responsible for assisting in the medical clinic, or as part of the response team at campus events, or for promoting important issues as part of the Wellness and Health Awareness Team (WHAT).

Peer Listeners
**There are no current postings**

Student Medical Response (SMR) Team
**There are no current postings**

Student Wellness Volunteer
**There are no current postings**

Wellness Classroom Visits Peer Helper

Wellness & Health Awareness Team (WHAT)
**There are no current postings**

Schulich School of Engineering

Schulich Wellness Peer Helpers (SWPH) foster a culture of support and wellbeing in the Schulich School of Engineering. Schulich Wellness is a new program, and the SWPHs will have an important role in developing and promoting wellness programming for undergraduate and graduate engineering students.

Women's Resource Centre

Providing students the chance to make an impact, spread awareness about gender equality, and create a community of sharing, learning, and support, the Women’s Resource Centre Peer Helpers have meaningful experiences that shape their way of thinking and leading.

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Inclusive Post Secondary Education

The Integrated Post Secondary Education Society of Alberta (IPSESA) is a non-profit organization that provides individuals with intellectual disabilities with an authentic university experience, and transition to employment. We celebrate personal gifts and passions, while addressing barriers to employability – from both a societal and an individual perspective. IPSE facilitates opportunities for diverse learners to cultivate their aspirations at either the UCalgary or St. Mary’s University.

**There are no current postings**

Faculty of Arts Co-Operative Education Office

The Arts Co-op Office offers students opportunities to combine work experience with academic learning that gives them a competitive edge in the job market after graduation. Peer Helpers use their skills to communicate with members of the community about the office and the opportunities it offers.

Leadership and Student Engagement Office

Leadership and Student Engagement is a hub for individuals to develop as successful students, citizens and leaders in their community with programming in the areas of Leadership Development, Orientation & Transition, Community Engagement and Student Life. Peer Helpers enhance the student experience by supporting programs such as ucalgarycares and Meal Exchange, the Unwind series, Emerging and Sophomore leadership programs and the annual Leadership Exchange conference among many others.

**There are no current postings**

Leadership Development
**There are no current postings**

Community Engagement
**There are no current postings**

Student Life
**There are no current postings**

Involvement Advising Peer Mentor
**There are no current postings**

Libraries and Cultural Resources

Peer Helpers in Libraries and Cultural Resources are called Peer Roamers. They create a community of support in the Taylor Family Digital Library by collaborating with staff and other Peer Roamers, helping students navigate the resources available in the library, and informing visitors of what the TFDL is able to offer.

**There are no current postings**

Career Services

Career Services Peer Helpers develop their leadership skills while providing support to students and stakeholders. They help students with resume and cover letter reviews, provide information to stakeholders on services, and are also trained to use online content to spread awareness about Career Services and promote events.

**There are no current postings**

Faith and Spirituality Centre

In the Faith and Spirituality Centre, Peer Helpers become leaders in pluralism by actively engaging with diversity, organizing meetings, planning events and activities, etc. They also support The Kaleidoscope Project, a large program that brings together diverse groups of students to develop an inclusive community on campus and in Calgary.

Applications open from November 15 - December 1. Apply here

College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation

The College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation (CDCI) provides leadership in implementing UCalgary’s vision in advancing experiential learning and undergraduate research for students across campus. The CDCI develops and supports opportunities for undergraduate research experiences through sustainable and evidence-based programs and initiatives, such as the non-curricular Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE), which offers summer research studentships, a for-credit course called Research on Global Challenges, and course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs). The CDCI also establishes partnerships with academic and non-academic units to help amplify opportunities in undergraduate research.


Financial Aid Office

The Financial Aid Office aims to engage students with healthy financial habits and raise awareness of financial literacy. Peer Helpers in this office facilitate financial literacy workshops and engage in meaningful conversations with students surrounding finance. 

**There are no current postings**

The Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking

The Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking is a community hub for activities that will support entrepreneurial student experiences, enable faculty to lead in innovation and expand a growing community of entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers.

**There are no current postings**


NUTV provides Peer Helpers the opportunity to develop new strategies for reaching out to the campus community and sharing about the workshops, spaces, and technology available to students through NUTV. They have been integral in fostering a welcoming environment and helping to connect new members with the opportunity to create media arts.

**There are no current postings**

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability’s dedicated leadership roles involve collaborating with other students, faculty and staff through the development and execution of Campus as Learning as Learning Lab projects. Under the guidance of the Office of Sustainability staff, Peer Helpers develop and implement sustainability projects or outreach campaigns across campus to support the achievement of the University’s Institutional Sustainability Strategy.

**There are no current postings**

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Sexual Violence Support Office

Sexual Violence Prevention and Advocacy Peer Helpers will assist the SVSO in providing relevant education to the campus community that addresses myths about sexual violence, what consent looks like, and how we can create a culture of consent in our campus community. Their main responsibilities will be to engage in dialogue with campus community members and participate in promotional events on behalf of the office at various university events (though this will mostly take place online during COVID-19). They will also work in collaboration with other peer helper groups on campus to bring creative ideas and support to the campus community, and work diligently with the SVSO in expanding the peer helper program for the future.

**There are no current postings**

UCalgary International – Global Learning Office

Peer Helpers in the Global Learning Office are called “Global Learning Ambassadors”. They connect with a diverse range of students, including UCalgary students interested in studying abroad as well as incoming international exchange students. They play an important role in the operation of UCalgary International; main responsibilities include peer advising and supporting various promotional initiatives and events through giving presentations, facilitating activities, and more. Within the Ambassadors team, there are also 2 to 3 positions available each year for highly-motivated students to assist with additional leadership & project work and receive an honorarium.

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Student Success Centre

UCalgary students are able to find valuable academic support and resources through the Student Success Centre Peer Helpers. The various Peer Helper positions build their presentation skills, provide informed guidance to students, and advise their fellow students who are seeking help in choosing a major.

Undergraduate Science Centre

The Undergraduate Science Centre (USC) is the hub for student support in the Faculty of Science. The USC is home to three main offices: the Program Advising office, the Student Experience office, and the Science Internship office. The Undergraduate Science Centre encourages and supports students in developing and accomplishing their academic goals.

**There are no current postings**