Camp LEAD - Students in Kananaskis

Leadership Development

We are here to help you grow and succeed as a person and a leader. To help you with this, we offer a wide variety of programs and sessions throughout the year.


Spend the weekend in a mountain lodge! Learn about leadership, meet new friends, and enjoy outdoor adventure activities.

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Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to connect you with a mentor, get you involved in campus activities and comfortable with university life.

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Sophomore Leadership Program

The Sophomore Leadership Program is an advanced leadership program open to all second-year and third-year students.

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Student Leadership Conference

An opportunity to engage with industry professionals and community leaders, our leadership conference promises a day of self-awareness, developing relationships, and exploring ideas.

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Leadership on Demand

Leadership on Demand (LOD) is a student-run program that provides free training and workshops for student groups on campus.

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Student Activities Fund

Are you presenting at a conference, planning an event for your peers, or participating in a service-learning initiative?

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Student Advisory Council

Help to shape the student experience at the University of Calgary by providing feedback on important campus projects.

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Peer Helper Program

The Peer Helper Program provides intensive leadership training, Co-Curricular Record credit, and amazing resume and portfolio boosting skills.

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Strengths-based campus

Strengths-based campus initiatives help students to explore the qualities that make them unique, and how to leverage those skills in everyday situations.

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