Visiting Student Researchers

Should you be coming to the University of Calgary to pursue research studies that are directly related to your current degree, you may be eligible to participate in the Visiting Student Researcher program.

Visiting Researcher

The VSR program is a formal study program specifically for students who wish to pursue research within our institution. Please see the full definition in the University of Calgary Academic Calendar.

Visiting student researchers are full-time students who attend the University of Calgary to support a specific research project that aligns with their studies at their home institution.

Both undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in a full-time degree program at an accredited or recognized post-secondary institution may apply to participate in this program.

Your first step would be to contact a UCalgary Research Supervisor in the Faculty of your area of research interest and confirm that they would be willing to host you on their research team. Once you have this confirmation, please apply for admission to the Visiting Student Researcher (VSR) Program using the links below.

Undergraduate Visiting Student Researchers must complete the Undergraduate Application. For any questions related to undergraduate VSR requirements, contact

Graduate Visiting Student Researchers must complete the Graduate Application. For any questions related to graduate VSR requirements, contact

After you have been formally admitted to the VSR Program and have a UCalgary letter of acceptance, please contact should you have questions about immigration requirements.

Conducting research in Canada, regardless if it is for study purposes or not, is considered to be work. As such, proper authorization is required.

Visitors inside of Canada may not participate in this program if they do not possess a valid study or work permit.

Please contact International Student Services to determine which immigration route is best for you,