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The Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) assesses intercultural competence—the capability to shift cultural perspective and appropriately adapt behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. 

Students, staff, and faculty can request to take an individual 50-item questionnaire along with a few context short-answer questions. After individuals complete the IDI, each person’s responses to the 50 items are analyzed and reports prepared that include the person’s written responses to the contexting questions.  Those reports and individualized development plan will be provided to each participant in advance of a one-on-one debrief session with a qualified administrator to go over your individual profile report and development plan. 

Click here to request a one-on-one assessment and debrief session. 

What is “How do I make my events more inclusive for people from various religious and cultural identities?”

Participants in this workshop will play an educational jeopardy-style game and together we will explore common inclusive event planning mistakes (scheduling, food choices, time and space, and dress and physical contact between genders) and learn how to make our future events fun for everyone!

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Queer(y)ing Faith is a story sharing event. We have compiled a selection of podcasts consisting of people’s stories of being queer and a person of faith or experiences of growing up in a faith community. These stories convey the challenges experienced by people navigating their intersectional identities.

The first hour is devoted to listening to peoples’ stories which is then followed by a facilitated group discussion around the types of issues that might be brought up. The discussion is meant to engage the audience in learning from each other as well as to devote some time to think about ways to learn more as well as to address these issues. 

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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar calendar. It is a month wherein all healthy adult Muslims across the globe observe 29 or 30 days of consecutive fasting based on the visual sighting of the crescent moon.

The Faith & Spirituality Centre partners with the SU Wellness Centre by running a session "Healthy Habits During Ramadan" to provide students and staff with eating tips and lifestyle suggestions to help ensure fasting is observed in a safe and healthy manner. 

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Whenever misunderstanding, misperception or hostility occurs, how we communicate our disagreements and frustrations can escalate tensions and make conflict resolution more difficult. The Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory provides insight into culturally patterned approaches for solving problems and resolving conflict situations.

As part of this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to learn their own conflict style and gain insight into improving communication across the various conflict styles in everyday interactions (with students, co-workers, etc.)

Any campus member interested in improving their interpersonal communication should join us for this workshop! 

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