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Peer Support at the FSC

Peer Support at the FSC will re-start in September 2023

What is Peer Support?

Come visit with a trained student volunteer who is ready to listen and talk with you about your concerns. Peer listeners are knowledgeable about on- and off-campus resources that might suit your current experience. Everything you tell them is confidential unless you're at risk of harming yourself or someone else. Peer listeners are supported by Student Wellness Services.


How Do I Access Peer Support? 

Peer Support at the FSC will resume in Fall 2023. Please check back in September for updated hours.

Drop into the Faith and Spirituality Centre (MSC 487) during peer support hours and let the front desk staff know that you would like to speak with a peer supporter.

Please email vitruvian@ucalgary.ca if you would like to request a specific appointment time. 


Peer Support is 100% confidential except in the case of disclosed risk of self-harm or harm to another person.

Peer Support was created to give students the opportunity to talk about anything they want. You can talk about stress, expectations, loneliness, faith, lack of faith, anxiety, grief, trauma, grades, joyful events, etc.

All peer listeners undergo the community helpers training program before they are able to provide Peer Support. They are also encouraged to continuously receive additional mental health training.

No, Peer Support is available on a drop-in basis. Please email vitruvian@ucalgary.ca if you would like to request a specific appointment time.

Peer listeners are trained to provide empathetic listening and referral resources to students who seek Peer Support. They are not counsellors and are therefore not qualified to provide the level of therapy that registered counsellors do.

Trained volunteers

Volunteers are trained in active listening and helping skills. Everything you tell them is confidential, unless you're at risk of harming yourself or someone else. 

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