Arts Undeclared

Bachelor of Arts


Congratulations on being accepted into a Bachelor of Arts degree program! You are embarking on an academic journey that will offer you the best of a broad liberal education with the ability to specialize in various fields of study.

As an Undeclared major student, you have the opportunity to explore different subjects to help you determine where you would like to focus your studies in future years. You can use your course registration to:

  • Take courses based on current interests or to discover new interests
  • Explore potential majors
  • Take courses within degree programs of interest
  • To explore career interests

It is important to note that you are required to choose and be accepted to a major before or upon completion of 60 units. It is recommended to take some courses that would apply to programs of interest.

Courses required in your first year

Please be aware that many courses are restricted to students in those particular majors, so make note of when these restrictions may lift and try to enroll at that time.

Taking two courses from the Faculty of Science in your first year will fulfill the Science requirement for the majority of Faculty of Arts programs.

Remember to register for both fall and winter semesters at the same time.

For further information, please contact:
Arts Students’ Centre
Telephone: 403.220.3580

Student Success Centre – Exploratory Advising
Telephone: 403.220.5881

You are a student in the Faculty of Arts.

The major that you choose is the subject area where you will take the majority of courses within your degree. If you are an Undeclared student, you will apply for a major in a future Fall term.

To see your major program, log into your Student Centre Click on “Program and Advising Info” tab.

From Archeology to Visual Studies, there are numerous majors and programs to choose from within the Faculty of Arts. If you'd like to see the different majors and programs that the Faculty of Arts has to offer, visit the faculty website.

If you are coming to the University of Calgary with Advanced Placement credit or International Baccalaureate credit, you will follow the same registration process as any first time university student. You may be eligible to use your transfer credit in your degree program depending on the program you have entered and whether or not the courses are applicable. Look for International Baccalaureate credit information here and Advanced Placement information here.

You may view your transfer credit by logging in to your online Student Centre. Once you know the transfer credit you have received, you may contact the academic advisor in your faculty to get advice on course selection.

Generally, students must complete 18 units at the junior (200-level) before they are allowed to register in 300-level courses.

Co-op and Internship: Get a head start on your career through our co-operative education and internship opportunities. You will gain valuable work experience in your industry—all before you graduate.

Study Abroad: Experience different cultures, gain a better understanding of world issues, and travel around the globe, all while earning credit towards your degree. The University of Calgary offers exchanges and study abroad programs in 61 different countries.

Community Service-Learning: Combine your classroom learning with volunteer work that achieves community goals, and see first-hand how your academic learning relates to social issues.

Co-Curricular Record: The first of its kind in Western Canada, have your out-of-classroom experiences such as volunteer work, leadership training and club involvement documented on an official record.

Arts and Science Honours Academy: Be part of a unique program that combines collaborative study, global opportunities and academic challenge. The ASHA program brings together 25 like-minded high achieving students to learn and study in six distinct scholars courses. As an Arts and Science Honours Academy student, you will be one of a class of the best and brightest at the University of Calgary.