Wellness Wednesdays

Career Services and Student Wellness Services are partnering to promote wellness to students from a personal and career perspective.

Wellness Wednesdays involve monthly themes, drop-in Career Clinics and workshops focused on your career wellness.

Every month during the fall and winter semesters we will be hosting workshops and drop-in sessions at Career Services. Sessions are held every Wednesday between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. in Career Services, MSC188. View more information at CareerLink.

Previous drop-in sessions include:

  • January: New Year, New Decision? - How did the Fall term go? Are you contemplating making changes to your career path as a result? What are the things you may need to consider when deciding to stay on your current path or shift in a new direction? Register for this one-hour workshop to learn more about how to effectively evaluate what went well, what you would like to change, and how it can impact your educational and career planning going forward. 
  • February: Managing Expectations and Perfectionism in Career Planning - Choosing a career direction can get more complicated when we factor in our expectations (and those of our parents and family).  As well, sometimes we feel that we need to make the “perfect” choice in program, career direction, and job choice. Register for this one-hour workshop to learn about how to develop realistic goals and how to strive for success without the pressure of unattainable perfectionism!
  • March: Stress Management: Maintaining Consistency in Chaos - March is typically the most stressful time of the year for students, and the strategies we normally use to manage often get neglected when we start to feel overwhelmed. Register for this one-hour workshop to learn more about how to manage stress by maintaining consistent habits in spite of the growing demands of end of term.
  • April: Graduate Students and Career Decision-Making Anxiety - While some people think that graduate students must know what they want to do career-wise following their advanced studies, there can be considerable uncertainty and anxiety as part of their experience. Register for this one-hour workshop to discuss ways to manage career decision-making anxiety in your current Master’s or Ph.D. program.

Did you know

According to the Future Work Skills 2020 report, the ability to operate in different cultural settings is predicted to be one of the top ten skills needed in the workforce. One of the first steps towards developing this skill is to engage in cultural self-awareness.