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Want career advice that's candid, fun and relevant? 

In each episode of In the Works, we sit down with a special guest and chat about what's new in the world of work. You'll get honest advice from someone who's been there, learn how you can turn your education experience into an exciting job, and hear some of their hilarious stories and conversations along the way. 

Our show airs every third Monday of the month on CJSW (90.9FM)! Tune-in to listen live at 11AM and 8PM. 

Episode 1: For the love of nature with Carmen Chelick

How do you turn a love of the outdoors into a fulfilling and challenging career? 

Carmen Chelick, founder of Biodigenous Consulting, explains how her biology background evolved into so much more. In this episode, we discuss entrepreneurship, why you need a mentor, and getting paid to be outside. (Aired: December 21, 2020)


Episode 2: Accidental careers with Deanne Arada

Sometimes the best career is the one you're not necessarily seeking.

Meet Deanne Arada (BSW '17), a counsellor in Ontario working with all kinds of people – individuals, couples, and families. She didn't expect to go into counselling at first but later realized her strengths of listening and asking questions was a great match. In this episode, find out how Deanne carved out a rewarding career in social work and how she navigates a healthy work-life balance. (Aired: January 18, 2021)

Episode 3: Start with what you know with Nora Molina

In this episode, we interview Nora Molina (BA '91 MBA '06), who is the director of UCalgary Career Services.

She's had an exciting career path, primarily working in post-secondary environments and the non-profit sector. It all started with the unique experiences she made for herself when she was a student at UCalgary — one thing led to another and ended with her landing an incredible (and what she calls "accidental") career. (Aired: February 15, 2021)

Episode 4: So much choice, so much opportunity with Sean Mallany 

Resumes have changed a lot since their origins in the 14th century. In this episode, Lawrence and David dig into the real dos and don'ts of resumes, like, "one page or two? Can I use colour? Is Times New Roman passe?" If you're dusting off that resume for a job application, take a listen and see what's on-trend for resumes these days.

Next, Sean Mallany (BA '10, MPP '12) shares how following his interests led him to a Master's in Public Policy, to a provincial internship and finally, to a full-fledged career in public policy. (Aired: March 15, 2021)

Episode 5: A case of the Mondays — dissecting job satisfaction with Kristin Kersey

In this episode, we chat with Kristin Kersey (BN '07), a Clinical Research Nurse with Alberta Health Services. Find out how she landed on nursing as a career and the challenges she's faced so far, including managing a proper work-life balance and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Later in the episode, Lawrence and David dissect the 1999 cult film Office Space. How has it shaped the way we view job satisfaction and "corporate life" today? (Aired March 15, 2021)

Episode 6: The science of making data useful with Aaron Quinton

You asked, we answered! We collected questions from our listeners and let the career development team bust common myths and share their input. What keywords should you be using to stand out to recruiters? What job boards should you be looking at for your field of study?

Next, why does Aaron Quinton say you should be the "least intelligent person in the room?". Aaron Quinton (BSc Chemical Engineering '15, MDSA '19) is a data scientist at the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA). However, data science wasn't something he initially planned to study — instead, he pursued his studies and job search with a sense of curiosity and open-mindedness. Aaron also shares how every industry runs on data and why data science is the perfect field for problem solvers. (Aired: April 19, 2021)

Episode 7: See the opportunities and seize them with Nagwan Al-Guneid

Charlotte, David, Matthew and Lawrence continue answering your questions. Are you making the right impression when networking? What's the best strategy to secure a promotion? What's "cross-training," and why should you do it?

In our Real People, Real Careers segment, David interviews Nagwan Al-Guneid (BA '05, MSc SEDV '15). Her passion for sustainable development helped guide her to her current position as Communications Lead with Energy Futures Lab. She shares her experience as an international student from Yemen, her "zig-zagging" path through her studies (she originally planned to go to medical school), and how important it is to stay up-to-date on current issues to succeed in your career. (Aired: April 19, 2021)

Episode 8: The Nature of the Beast with Preet Dhesi

In this episode, David and Lawrence reflect on what they learned at Career Services' recent career conference, It's your move: Navigating a new world

We also chat with special guest Preet Dhesi (BComm '15, Accounting) and explore the realm of investment banking. After a few years working in accounting at a Big Four firm, Preet had his "a-ha moment," when he realized his true aspirations lay elsewhere. He made his career transition to investment banking, joining the team at BMO Capital Markets, where he currently works as an investment banking associate. Preet describes how and why he made the leap, and why getting involved with his interests during university helped lead him to his dream job. 

Later, Lawrence and Liliana discuss The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook, written by Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer, and reveal tips for cultivating your own self-compassion and its related benefits. (Aired May 17, 2021)

Episode 9: It Takes a Village to Raise a Child with Dorothy Chung

David and Lawrence discuss their first summer jobs and provide tips for those looking to land their own. Later, David and student host Shubham chat with Dorothy Chung (BSW '19) about her practicum and what it's like to be a social worker in the field of children's services.

To round off the episode, David and Lawrence revisit their CD for film and TV segment, applying career development tips to The Intern (2015), starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. (Aired: June 21, 2021)

Episode 10: Learn how to learn with Thiago Valentin


In this episode, David and Lawrence explore how to navigate challenging interview questions and the benefits of completing the Clifton Strengths test.

Later, David and Shubham chat with Thiago, an intermediate software developer at Helcim. Thiago recounts his experience growing up in Brazil and pursuing a Bachelor's of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the exchange trip that led him to pursue a MSc of Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary. He explains the lessons he's learned over the years, including tackling and facing new problems and challenges.

David and Lawrence cap off the episode by discussing the correlation between popular games such as poker or the game of life and career development. (Aired: July 19, 2021)

Episode 11: Buying bewilderment with Lawrence Kirtiadi

It's the little things. David and Lawrence explore the importance of customer service jobs and the lessons and skills you gain. They also delve into their experiences working in the industry and reflect on when they delivered excellent customer service before finding their respective careers.

Later, David and Jingfeng chat with Lawrence Kirtiadi (MEng '15, BSc '12), Territory Manager at Bellgro Health and Wellness. With a background in engineering, Kirtiadi discusses what influenced his decision to switch to sales and the importance of finding a mentor to aid you in your career journey. He also shares his thoughts on networking and what you should really be taking away from each connection you make. (Aired: August 16, 2021)


Episode 12: Cultivating a career you love with Helen Hajnoczky

In this episode, David and Lawrence discuss the benefits of joining a professional association before sitting down to chat with Helen Hajnoczky, Editorial and Marketing Coordinator with University Press at the University of Calgary. She shares the circumstances that led her to a career in publishing, including writing for student publications such as NoD and Rampike magazine, and divulges resources and programs to help you get your start in the industry. (Aired: August 16, 2021)