Career Discovery Camp

A three-day summer camp held at the UCalgary main campus designed for high school students looking to explore their future career options and build professional skills early. Dates in July 2022.

Your career journey starts with a single step

Right now, you're in high school — what's next? With your future of possibilities ahead of you, an important part of your ongoing development will be considering your career options and what steps you can take along the way.

In this three-day boot camp, you'll gain a better understanding of the world of work, learn how you can shape your experiences to match your goals and interests, and discover exciting possibilities for your future. You'll leave with a strong foundation of professional skills, useful connections and actionable goals to give you a head start on your professional development.

When: July 12 – 14, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where: UCalgary main campus

Cost: $275 + GST — includes three lunch vouchers and a complimentary Strong Interest Inventory assessment ($70 value)

What you'll learn

  • Learn about the reality of our current world of work (how has it changed ex: gig economy, job security…)
  • Understand the career development path: What does it look like? How can it be applied to your goals?
  • How to build a meaningful career around your values, interests, personality, strengths)
  • Reflect on your fears and leverage them 
  • Develop wellness/self-care strategies to maintain your mental health 
  • Develop a career plan and learn how to make career decisions
  • How the experiences of others' career paths can help you


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Day 1. Understanding your strengths and preferences

Through a number of interactive activities and through developing a wondering map, you will be able to better understand yourself (your values, interests, strengths, traits, and attitudes) and how these attributes align to various career options.

You'll be provided with your Strong Interest Inventory, which measures and describes interests in a broad range of occupations, work and leisure activities and educational subjects. It helps you gain a greater understanding of your preferences and helps identify potential career paths and education or training in line with your interests. It also identifies academic or work environments that may be a good fit. 

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Day 2. Explore what you can do after high school

There are many options you can consider after high school: working, taking a gap year, furthering your education and much more. Consider the pros and cons of various options and identify how they align with your short/long-term career goals.

In day two, you'll have the opportunity to hear about the career paths of various high-school graduates who will share their experiences.

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Day 3. Develop a career plan and set actionable goals

Create an actionable plan and explore factors that you need to consider when making your career choice. Hear from a panel of post-secondary recruiters from various colleges and universities.

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