Student Guide to Learning & Internships

Participant Program Steps - Your adventure starts here!


Apply for the DS4Y Program - Once you are accepted you will be contacted by the DS4Y Program Coordinator. 


Once you are have been contacted by the DS4Y Program Coordinator, your contact information will be sent to the University of Calgary, Continuing Education Office. A ContEd. Advisor will contact you to register in your learning pathway. These courses start and continue alongside your internship.


Once you are enrolled in your learning pathway you will receive the Internship Guide to Success and your CareerLink Login information. You will have access to the DS4Y Internship module where you can start to browse internships. 

NOTE: If you enrolled in the DS4Y program through an Internship Hosting Organization (IHO; Employer) and already have an Internship with the IHO, skip this step.

View the internship guide


Once you have completed the Learning pathway and your Internship you will be awarded a DS4Y Certificate by Career Services.

  • Eligibility
    • 15-30 years of age at the start of the internship
    • Completed a diploma or degree (Students currently pursuing post-secondary studies are not eligible)
    • Legally entitled to work in Canada, for the duration of the internship
    • Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Refugee (NOTE: Students on post-graduation work permits are not eligible)
    • Not in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI)
    • Self-assess as underemployed, either employed below their level of education and/or hold part-time employment
  • Application
    • Complete online application form and upload transcripts
    • Review the leanring pathways with the DS4Y Program Coordinator and explore which pathway fits with your career goals/Internship.
  • Acceptance
    • If you meet all the eligibility requirements, you will receive an offer letter to the DS4Y program, along with a ‘Next Steps’ document.
    • The DS4Y Program Coordinator will then forward your name to UCalgary Continuing Education. A Continuing Education Program Specialist will be in touch with you after 2-3 business days to help you register in your chosen training pathway.
    • These courses have been curated to provide the foundational skills in your chosen career path.
    • NOTE: Students do not pay the course fees when enrolling into the pathways. This is a Government of Canada funded program and tuition fees are covered for all registered DS4Y Students. The student pays textbook and software fees.
  • Program Commitment
    • This program spans approximately 10-12 months, depending on the training pathway and start date of the Internship.
    • The program includes an education/training component and an internship component.
    • Once admitted and enrolled into courses, students are expected to complete the program in its entirety.
    • Participants may withdraw from the program and penalties will apply as appropriate. The student’s transcript will not reflect the course withdrawals.
    • A Continuing Education Program Information Specialist will contact you about enrolling in your learning pathway courses.

Learning Paths – Please review the six learning pathways. 

        • The learning paths are curated to ensure course pre-requisites are met. Please see Continuing Education for course details and pre-requisites.
        • Course descriptions can be found by following the links attached to the course names on the learning pathways page.
      • Learning Modality  - You can choose either synchronous online, online or classroom learning modality (Calgary and surrounding area participants).
        • Synchronous online - Continuing Education's synchronous online courses are instructor-led, scheduled at specific dates and time, and delivered online using Adobe Connect conferencing software. They are not a self-paced experience. Students are expected to participate actively throughout the course — contributing to class discussions, working collaboratively, providing peer reviews and producing excellent work.
        • Online Learning - Continuing Education's online courses are instructor-led, socially engaging and require high quality work. They are not designed to be experienced alone. You will be expected to participate actively throughout your course — contributing to class discussions, working collaboratively, providing peer review and producing excellent work.
        • If you have never taken an online course, we recommend our “Learning Online” course. Please enquire when you speak with a Continuing Education Program Information Specialist.
      • Required textbooks and course materials are listed in the confirmation of registration email you will receive after enroling in your courses.
        • DS4Y participants are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks and software.
        • Software Requirements: For the Integrated Digital Media course pathway (ICT 436, 437, 564, 578), you will receive an email as to how to purchase the software at a discounted price from Adobe. For all other ICT courses, the software is provided to you for the duration of the course at no charge.
        • ICT textbooks that are required can be purchased from an online text book provider of your choice.  I.e. Amazon or Indigo.
        • Marketing Textbooks and software can be purchased at the UCalgary bookstore. Visit for location and hours or to order your materials online.
      • In total each learning pathway includes four (4) or more courses.
        • Courses start near the beginning of each semester (Fall, Winter, Spring). Students are expected to typically start with up to 2 courses while searching for their internship and continue with the additional two (one-at-a-time) courses while completing their six-month full-time paid internship.
        • For pathways 1-4 we recommend students take ICT 128, Database Fundamentals.
      • Course Assessment – In order to ensure students have acquired the skills necessary for the internship position, all courses have assessment processes (Discussion boards, assignments etc.) to test that the learning objectives have been met.

NOTE: If you enrolled into the DS4Y program through an Internship Hosting Organization (IHO; Employer) and already have an Internship with the IHO, skip this step

  • DS4Y participants are expected to complete a full time paid six-month internship. Once you are enrolled into the training pathway of your choice, you will receive login information to your CareerLink account and the 'Internship Guide to Success'. You can access all DS4Y program approved internships on this portal by visiting the DS4Y Job postings module.
  • Please make sure you also fill out the PIF Form and email a copy to

NOTE: If you are currently holding a part-time position, keep in mind, that you will have to manage a full time work load as part of this internship program, and courses as part of your learning pathway. 

  • Students will also be given access to ‘Launch your Career’. This is an Online Career Development Program designed to help students gain a better understanding of resume writing, interview preparation, creating a LinkedIn profile and networking tips and tricks!

NOTE: You will automatically be given access to ‘Launch your Career’ and can access it through your D2L account. We encourage all students to complete this program before applying for Internships to increase your chances of getting hired on! 

  • Any questions about the Internships, please contact the DS4Y Program Coordinator at
  • In order to receive your ‘DS4Y Graduation Certificate’ you have to complete:
        • Two courses listed within your learning pathway with a minimum grade of 'C' in each course.
        • Launch your Career Online Module (D2L)
        • Six month Internship (Paid)