iPad Audio Recording with Notability

Notability is a great notetaking and audio recording option for students that use an iPad as their main notetaking device. With Notability, the audio recording of your lecture is linked to anything you write, type, highlight or draw, making for easy and efficient review. Notability also provides the ability to add and annotate PDF files and markup photos. Notability is available through the App Store.

Record and playback audio in Notability:

1. Tap the microphone icon to start a recording. (Tap the icon again to stop a recording.)

2. Any notes you take while recording are linked to that recording.

3. Once your recording is complete, tap the down arrow to enter playback mode.

4. Tap the start button to begin replaying your recording.

5. During playback, select the hand icon and then tap any word or object in your notes to jump to that point in the recording.

Consult this Notability support article for additional navigation and playback options.

See the video below for a demonstration of audio recording with Notability for iOS.

This video is a quick overview of using Notability for iOS in order to take lecture notes and record lecture audio.