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I completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. There, with the help and guidance of Dr. Chris Bell, I learned how to perform social-experimental research. My Honours thesis was a quantitative investigation, asking which personality variables correlate with making the decision to punish or not in the context of a moral dilemma. At York, I took a seminar class called Rigorous Alternatives in Contemporary Psychology with Dr. Thomas Teo. I grew up a deep thinker, liking to ask broad questions and engage in challenging and rewarding dialogues. The environment that Dr. Teo set up in his critical psychology class allowed me to reconnect to this inner propensity by opening up the plethora of alternative narratives in the field. Writing a paper on Vygotsky, I came across the East Side Institute (ESI), where I subsequently received professional development and education in social therapeutics. At the ESI, Lois Holzman and all the inspiring people by her side created the platform that allowed me to become conscious of and make explicit my desire to engage in and learn about practical-critical methodologies. Meanwhile, upon Dr. Teo’s recommendation, I learned of Dr. Tom Strong’s work here at the University of Calgary. I felt an instant resonance with his endeavours and decided that it is under his tutelage that I can continue becoming a practical-critical practitioner and methodological scholar.
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