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Undergraduate Writing Workshops

Through the fall and winter semesters, Writing Support offers workshops that all University of Calgary students can attend.

Writing basics

The Fundamentals of University Writing

This workshop introduces new university students to the expectations of academic writing and the writing and research support resources available. It features topics like getting the most from your assignment sheet, finding sources, and five things to do before you hand in your paper.

Using Sources

This workshop unpacks the meaning of plagiarism and helps students to develop habits to avoid it. Key topics covered in the workshop are note-taking and reading strategies for writing effective summaries of scholarly articles, definitions of plagiarism, and ways of properly paraphrasing research. Students will have a chance to practice and test their skill during the workshop.

Introductions and Conclusions

This workshop helps students to both think through and draft these important, but tricky, parts of the documents. Students will learn effective approaches to starting their papers by understanding common structures and feature of crucial pieces of writing.

Developing Thesis Statements and Arguments

Rather than struggle to create a perfect thesis statement on your own, work through this process with us. This workshop offers a variety of ways to understand thesis statements and their role in building arguments. Student will get hands-on practice drafting thesis statements and understand how they tie elements of a paper together.

Strategies for revision series

Across these four workshops, student will learn how to identify common writing errors and how to address these errors when they appear in their own work. Students can attend one or all the workshops.


Structure focuses on how to identify problems with flow, transition, and organization across your documents. Learn strategies for checking your structure and organization by practicing with examples of student-writing.

Conciseness and Clarity

Conciseness and Clarity focuses on how to increase the clarity of your writing and how to become a writer who gets straight to the point. Find out how to increase the clarity of your writing and other tips.

Sentence-Level Errors

Sentence-Level Errors focuses on the common obstacles, such as sentence fragments and run-on sentences. Find out how commas, semi-colons, and colons can structure your sentences and much more.


Details emphases strategies for maintaining your attention while revising. Learn ways to catch pesky typos and agreement errors to become a pro-active editor.

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