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Success Seminars

Success Seminars will provide you with the advanced academic strategies and study skills you need to ease your university transition or increase your success here at the University of Calgary.

UCalgary students' top ten tips

Listen to successful University of Calgary students share their own secrets to success in this one hour session featuring former first year students’ perspectives on “What I wish I knew..”

Learning from lectures

Starting out with a good set of lecture notes is essential to successful study practices. This seminar will introduce you to some effective strategies for ensuring that your lecture notes are clear and complete.

Study smarter, not longer

The key to effective studying is being aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This session will help you understand what type of learner you are, and reveal study habits that successful students often employ. You will learn how to create study strategies that are suited to your learning style and how to make your study sessions more effective.

Academic reading strategies

This session will introduce reading strategies that will help tackle your academic reading more efficiently and effectively.

Working in groups

Learn how to organize your group resources, develop effective communication strategies and resolve conflicts as they arise.

Exam preparation

Turn the overwhelming task of studying into a simple, efficient, easier-to-tackle plan. This session will introduce you to a process for developing an effective study plan and study strategies for self-testing that will help you to become better prepared for your upcoming exams.

Problem solving for math and science students

This session help you develop a critical and reflective approach to problem solving in your discipline by working through common problem solving strategies.

Writing essay exams

This session will provide you with practical strategies for writing strong essay exams, and offer tips on how to avoid common problems.

Avoiding procrastination (presented by the Wellness Centre)

Not sure why you procrastinate? During this seminar you will work to understand your procrastination, learn strategies to keep motivated, and set priorities to help you overcome procrastination.

Reducing test anxiety (presented by the Wellness Centre)

Did you know that too much anxiety during tests can result in lower grades? Though relaxation techniques and cognitive strategies, you will learn how to manage your anxiety during tests so you can feel more in control and perform better.

Balancing your life as a student (presented by the Wellness Centre)

Is your life completely out-of-balance? This seminar is designed to help you manage your various commitments so that you can be effective in all areas of your life.

Goal Setting

Having specific and measurable goals leads to greater academic success.  This seminar will lead you through the process of formulating effective personal and academic goals.

Writing multiple-choice exams

This session will provide you with practical strategies for writing multiple choice exams and you will learn tips on how to improve performance and reduce anxiety.

Time management and avoiding procrastination

Time management skills are essential to making the most of your time here at UCalgary. Learn some tips to battle procrastination and start managing your time as effectively as you can.

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Success Seminars are free to University of Calgary students; offered weekly at the Student Success Centre on the 3rd floor of TFDL.

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