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Math Support

Develop confidence, independence, and proficiency with mathematics as you pursue further success in your math courses. This is a Quality Money Project, brought to you by your Students’ Union.

Math Support

The goal of our Math Support program is to help you become a confident and independent math student. Tutors will help you with course content and particular topics, as well as provide advice about study strategies and problem-solving techniques.  While the tutors will help students with many types of math problems, you should be prepared to be actively engaged. Tutors will not complete any steps of an assignment question.

Because these tutoring appointments are only fifty minutes, please come prepared with specific topics to discuss and with one or two questions to go over with the tutor. Note that the SSC Math Tutors are not equipped to TEACH course content. 

Topics by Course

Math Tutors are undergraduate peer tutors who have been successful in the courses they tutor. They provide free, individual, fifty minute appointments for topics related to the following courses:

  • Foundational, Pre-university Mathematics (fractions, exponents, logarithms, trigonometry, introductory functions, etc.)
  • Linear Algebra (Math 211)
  • Calculus (Math 249, Math 265, and Math 267)
  • Discrete Mathematics (Math 271)
  • Statistics (Stat 205, Stat 213, and Stat 217)

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Math Success Advising

Fifty-minute advising appointments can be booked with the Math Support Coordinator, Clinton Loo, by email ( These appointmenets can be used to discuss topics such as the following:

  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Study strategies
  • Exam writing
  • Course content (Math 211, 249, 265, 267, and 271)

Math Workshops


In this session, you will learn various study strategies to prepare for tests, while developing your problem solving ability.


Exam-writing is a skill that can be enhanced.  In this session, you will learn strategies for improving your performance, managing your time, navigating multiple choice, and coping with test anxiety.