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Working Alone

Submitted by dlwiwcha on Fri, 02/06/2015 - 12:33pm

Working Alone System

The University of Calgary has implemented a Working Alone System to enhance the personal safety of faculty, staff and students when they are working alone, particularly in the evening or outside of normal work hours.

The Working Alone System is a web-based check-in, check-out system with Campus Security. Campus Security will check on the faculty, staff or students whom have registered as working alone based on the information the person enters into the system. Enter your Username and Password to access the Working Alone System.

Click here to log into the Working Alone System

You will be able to register yourself as Working Alone or indicate that you are no longer on campus.

System Requirements

  • Computer located in the area where you will be working alone.Computer speakers - turned on and volume adjusted.
  • Web browser may be minimize but must remain open.
  • Ensure your computer is not configured to go to hibernate, standby or screen saver.


  1. Log on to MyUofC and go to the Working Alone link (listed under Quick Links).
  2. Turn your speakers on and adjust the volume to hear the time out notification beep. 
  3. Enter the location (Building/Room) on campus where you will be working alone.
  4. Enter your contact telephone phone numbers (Office, Cell and Home).
  5. Enter the time you plan to leave campus (Time Out).  Your Time Out must be at least 15 minutes greater than the current time.
  6. Select your working alone Activity  - Lab or Other.
  7. Select the "Submit" button to register yourself as working alone. 
  8. Do not close your browser. You can minimize the browser window however, your browser must be open for the notification system to send a reminder beep and for the popup message to appear.

10 minute Time Out Notification Count Down

  • Ten minutes prior to your Time Out, the system will beep and a popup will appear every minute until your Time Out expires.
  • Click OK to acknowledge the popup reminder.
  • If you will be working alone longer than your original Time Out, change your Time Out.
  • If you will be leaving campus, select Leaving Campus to log off.

Time Out Notification

  • When your Time Out has expired, the system will beep and popup a "Time Out Expired" message.
  • Click OK to acknowledge the popup reminder.
  • Reminder notifications will continue to beep and popup every minute until you change your time out or select Leaving Campus

Log Off when Leaving Campus

  • Log off by selecting 'Leaving Campus' when you leave campus. (For Safari and Firefox, close the browser window.)
  • Consider using the Safewalk service to be safely escorted to your destination on campus.
  • Safewalk is free and available to students, staff, and visitors on the University campus. Call 403-220-5333 (24 hours a day/seven days a week, 365 days a year) or use the Help Phones (they are not just for emergencies).

If you don't log off, Campus Security will follow-up.

Click here to log into the Working Alone System

Please contact UCIT Support Services by phone at (403) 220-5555 or by email at if you are experiencing problems with the Working Alone System.

The Working Alone System is one more way the University is creating a safe and secure environment for faculty, staff and students.

Working Alone Guidelines

Working Alone Guidelines have been developed to promote worker awareness and facilitate worker safety when they are working alone.

There must be safety plans in place for those that work alone and these plans must adhere to the legislative requirement.  Working Alone Guidelines applies when both of the following conditions exist::

  • A worker is working by themselves in an office, vehicle, laboratory, workshop, field site, or any area owned or operated by the University of Calgary .
  • Assistance, in the event of an injury, illness or emergency, is not readily available to the worker.

Additional Resources:

Laboratory Policy Template

Additional information on working alone:

Working Alone – Template – Laboratory Policy


Campus Security, in partnership with the Students' Union, offers Safewalk, a free service for students, staff, and visitors. Safewalk is located in the Campus Security office. On duty Safewalk staff can be found on campus.

Safewalk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Call 220-5333 and two experienced Safewalkers will be dispatched to walk along with you.  

Safewalks are done in Male/Female pairs and will walk anywhere on campus (including McMahon Stadium, Health Sciences, Student Family Housing, and the Alberta Children's Hospital). Safewalk also walks with clients to their cars, their residence rooms, the LRT, and bus.

The Safewalk service is free and available to students, staff, and visitors on the University Campus.