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About Us

About Us

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides support and advisory services to those with responsibilities under the University's Occupational Health and Safety policy, as well as Environmental legislation. EHS is responsible for identifying regulatory requirements and providing support and advisory services to assist supervisors in carrying out their OH&S responsibilities. EHS reports regularly to the Senior Executive on the University's environmental and occupational health and safety status and performance.

The Director of Environmental Health and Safety reports to the Vice-President, Finance & Services.  The department's team includes an Environmental Compliance Consultant, Radiation Safety Officer, Bio-Safety Officer, and specialists in other areas such as Fire Prevention, Hazardous Materials, Indoor Air Quality, and contractor and construction safety. The Director serves as co-chair of the University's central health and safety committee (University Health, Safety and Security Committee), which reports to the VP, Finance and Services. The UHSS Committee is composed of AUPE, Faculty Association, MaPs and Management appointed representatives.

EH&S is responsible for the development of health, safety and environmental programs and processes on behalf of the University of Calgary.  EHS offers a wide variety of safety training courses, both in person and online; responds to health and safety concerns of faculty, staff and students, and provides key services and expertise as part of the University's Emergency Response Plan.

There are a number of OH&S Consultants embedded full time in specific departments and faculties including Facilities Management, the Schulich School of Engineering, and Faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and Science.

Hazardous Materials Services (HMS) is a division of EHS, located in MacEwan Student Centre Room 260.

HMS is responsible for the safe and timely collection, consolidation and disposal of hazardous materials (chemical, radioactive and bio-hazardous) generated at the University of Calgary. The mandate of HMS also includes chemical recycling through the Surplus Chemical Store and serves as a resource on Transportation of Dangerous Goods issues.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable the University of Calgary to become an environment, health and safety leader through the integration of strategies and programs into all aspects of university business.

Our Mission

We work collaboratively with University of Calgary clients and stakeholders to promote environmental health and safety strategies and systems. We foster a safe working, learning and research environment through the provision of consultative, educational and evaluation services.

Board of Governors Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability Committee (EHS&S)

The EHS&S Committee advises the Board of Governors and makes recommendations on matters relating to environment, health, safety and sustainability, with respect to university policy and strategic direction. The Committee monitors compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as the relationship between emerging cultural and business standards and the use of university resources to achieve exemplary standards of performance in the areas of environment, health, safety, and sustainability.

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