UCalgary defines Events as one-off gatherings in excess of 15 people (outside of classes and regular business meetings).

Please check back on this website as we will provide further details as they become available.

Updated: November 15, 2021

1. Event Registration

All Events including more than 15 people are required to be registered on the UCalgary Event Registration system.  Please note that, as per the What Constitutes a UCalgary Event or Conference, events must be approved by your department head, dean, director, vice-president or other executive member. 

Once your event registration is complete and you have received a confirmation email, your event can proceed.  Risk Management & Insurance will only reach out to event organizers where additional information is required.

Events must follow all public health measures indicated on this page as well as the regular 7 Steps for Planning an Event or Conference.

2. Participants and Workers

Attendees, speakers, etc. must be pre-registered for the Event with their name and email address.

  • All staff/volunteers must also be recorded as attending the Event.
  • All staff/volunteers must be briefed/trained on the public health measures as established by UCalgary.
  • Anyone who feels ill, and particularly those with COVID-19 type symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, runny nose or sore throat, or any of the other symptoms identified by Alberta Health Services, cannot attend or work at the Event.

3. Masks

Non-medical face masks must be worn in all indoor areas on University of Calgary campuses, as well as during University events hosted off campus.

Masks may be removed only under the following conditions:

  • Seated while consuming food or drink
  • While actively participating* in: 
    • a physical fitness activity;
    • a performance activity (theatrical/drama, vocal/singing or dance) where it is not possible to where a face mask;

*Masks are required to be worn until just before and replaced immediately after the activity or condition listed above.

For further information on masking, please visit the Masking on Campus webpage.

Masks are not required to be worn during outside events if a minimum of 2 metres between people is maintained.

Where vehicles are being used for University of Calgary purposes and when it is transporting the driver and one or more other persons, masks are required to be worn by all occupants.  This includes buses used to transport people to/from events.

4. Space

  • All indoor/outdoor events are required to follow the Alberta Restriction Exemption program with respect to checking vaccination/negative COVID-tests.  As such, these types of events are not required to maintain a two metre physical distance between individuals.

5. Sanitization

Hand sanitizer must be provided for events. Sanitizer must contain at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol. Event Organizers must regularly confirm there are adequate supplies.

It is recommended that touch areas/shared surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

6. Food/Beverage

All indoor/outdoor events are required to follow the Alberta Restriction Exemption program.  This includes masking and checking vaccination/negative COVID-19 tests.  Therefore Attendees at these events are not required to maintain a two metre physical distance between individuals when they are actively consuming food or drinks, however, they should be seated while doing so.  *Masks are required to be worn until just before and replaced immediately after the meal is completed.

If you are serving food or beverages at your event, please also review the Special Event Guidelines, section 4.1 for further information.

7. Rapid Testing And Vaccination Program

All Visitors that are 12 years of age and older must present Proof of full Vaccination upon entry to the event/building OR present proof of a negative COVID-19 test result that is privately-paid, Health Canada approved rapid antigen, rapid PCR or lab-based PCR test completed within the previous 72 hours.


  • As of November 15, 2021 the only valid Alberta-issued proof of vaccination will be the Alberta vaccine records with the QR Code (paper or digital).  The AB Covid Records Verifier App was updated on November 9, 2021 and will now scan QR codes from other Canadian provinces/territories.  Please ensure that you have updated your app.
  •  Vaccination records from First Nations, military, other provinces and international travelers will continue to be accepted.
  • Effective January 1, 2022, all individuals including visitors, guests and volunteers who attend university facilities must be fully vaccinated and upon request provide proof of vaccination.  For further information please see the UCalgary Directive on Expectations for Vaccinations on Campus

For those organizing events, further information is available on two documents - the Guidelines for Visitors Accessing UCalgary and the FAQ's for department checking visitor documentation.  Access to these pages is restricted and will require CAS sign-in. 

PLEASE NOTE that the new AB Covid Records Verifier App can now be used by UCalgary trained employees and Volunteers to check Visitors vaccination status, once they have reviewed the How to use the AB COVID Records Verifier App page and completed the steps.  Authorized members of Students Union and GSA clubs may also check this information with respect to their own club gatherings only.

8. Communications

Event organizers are required to ensure that all Attendees, including speakers, are aware of any required or recommended public health actions/measures in effect at the location of their Event.

The communication plan for an event must include 3 communications:

  1. Public health measures regarding vaccination/testing requirements, and masking must be stated on the website advertising the event.
  2. Once an Attendee has registered, Event Organizers must send them an email reinforcing the public health measures, including masking, that are in place at UCalgary.
  3. The first speaker at each event must outline the relevant COVID-19 event precautions required to be taken by Attendees during the event, as well as any regular safety information (i.e. location of emergency exits).

Template documents to assist Event Organizers are available on the Event COVID-19 Communications page.

9. Hosting Events Off-UCalgary Campuses

  • If you are hosting an Event off campus, please check with the venue to ensure that you understand their requirements regarding attendees for your event.  At a minimum, attendees must provide proof of full vaccination and/or a negative COVID-19 test + the appropriate personal ID.
  • If you are hosting an Event out-of-province, you are required to follow all of their applicable local and provincial health measures.  If that province requires a vaccination check, we would strongly recommend that you ask the venue to undertake that process for you.

10. Attending Events Hosted By Another Organization

  • If attending an event hosted by another organization, refer to their guidelines and requirements for participating in events.  If there is a discrepancy between UCalgary guidance and the host organization, follow the guidance which is more stringent.
  • Follow all applicable local, provincial and national regulations; including city bylaws and public health orders.