AB COVID Records Verifier App

Individuals who are using the Verifier App on behalf of UCalgary must be employees or volunteers of UCalgary who have completed the Employee Attestation to use the App or authorized members of SU/GSA clubs with respect to their own club gatherings only.  All individuals must complete the steps below.

How to use the AB COVID Records Verifier App

Updated:  November 12 2021

Individuals using the AB COVID Records Verifier App on behalf of UCalgary must be employees or volunteers of the University of Calgary directed by their supervisors to use the App for UCalgary purposes OR members of SU/GSA club members who have been authorized to use the App for their Club events only.

They are also required to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the AB COVID Records Verifier app for UCalgary Employees Attestation form. This will require your CAS login. 
    1. For approved SU club members:  Department is Students Union and your Supervisor email is clubsoff@ucalgary.ca
    2. For approved GSA club members:  Department is Graduate Students Association and your Supervisor email is governance.gsa@ucalgary.ca
  2. Volunteers, and SU/GSA club members must complete and sign the Oath of Confidentiality prior to using the App.  Volunteers should send the completed Oath to their supervisor who should retain it in the department files.  SU club members should sent it to clubsoff@ucalgary.ca and Department Graduate Associations (DGA's) should send it to governance.gsa@ucalgary.ca.
  3. Download the AB Covid Records Verifier for free from Google Play or the App Store. Please note that the app can be downloaded to a personal device or a UCalgary-owned device.  NOTE:  If you downloaded the app prior to November 10, 2021 please update it to ensure that you are now able to access QR codes from other provinces/territories.  More information on other provinces vaccination records is available at Proof of Vaccination Samples.
  4. Review the updated Guidelines for Visitors Accessing UCalgary sheet (dated November 15, 2021) to ensure that you follow the appropriate processes.
  5. When using the app, if the record indicates full vaccination status and is valid, the app will display a green checkmark. Check the Visitor's name and date of birth against their government-issued ID.
  6. Although your device will be used to scan the Visitor QR code, ensure that you DO NOT take a picture of the code with your mobile device or otherwise retain any personal medical information.


Supervisors can view the list of their staff who, when completing their attestation, indicated the supervisor as their direct reports-to.

  • Go to the AB COVID Records Verifier app for UCalgary Employees Attestation site:
    • Click on AB COVID Records Verifier app (on the left column)
    • Click on the Default button (top righthand side)
    • Choose Supervisor from the drop down options
  • That will show the records of anyone who has indicated that you are their supervisor.

If you are having difficulties accessing this site, you can either visit the UService website or call 403-210-9300.

Scanning Process

The AB Covid Records Verifier app can scan QR codes from all provinces and territories in Canada.  For out-of-province, First Nation, military or international records, manually verify the printed information on their record and ensure name and birthdate matches their ID.

  • Scanning multiple records: Click "scan next" before going to the next person.
  • Scanning from paper: Record might not scan if damaged, folded across the QR code, or if printed in small scale or low quality. If it is not working, ask Visitor to download new record from alberta.ca/CovidRecords

Not valid message (red X)

  • The Visitor may not yet meet the vaccination requirements.
  • If the Visitor received 3 doses and you're using an iOS device, an updated app is now available to fix issues when scanning records of people who've had 3 doses.
  • If the Visitor feels there is a mistake, they can try downloading a new record from alberta.ca/CovidRecords.
  • A Visitor must be denied entry if they are not able to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within the previous 72 hours.

For more information regarding the Verifier App, please visit the Government of Alberta's COVID Records Help Desk

AB Covid Records Verifier App