Emergency Warden Program

Emergency Warden volunteers assist in the evacuation of campus facilities.

About The Program

The Emergency Warden Program is one component of the University of Calgary’s Emergency Management program. The primary role of Emergency Warden volunteers is to assist in the evacuation of campus facilities. During evacuations, Emergency Wardens collect and share valuable information that helps first responders determine priorities and quickly ensure the safety of everyone affected by the incident.

Why Volunteer as an Emergency Warden?

Role-Specific Training

Emergency Wardens are provided with training specific to their role. Additional training is also available online through through EHS and Emergency Management. 

Gain Confidence in Providing Support

Participate in drills to put your training to the test and gain confidence in providing support during an emergency.

Build Workplace Relationships

Expand your network and build relationships with personnel from other departments in your building.

Foster a Safe Campus Community

The University of Calgary is committed to providing a safe campus community, do your part in fostering this environment.

Learn to Effectively Communicate

Emergency Wardens will learn how to effectively communicate and build strong interpersonal relationships.

Skill Development

Participating in the Emergency Warden Program will expand your current skill set and diversify your abilities. 

Emergency Warden Duties

Collect and Share Information

Collect and share valuable information that helps first responders determine priorities and ensure the safety of all persons affected by the incident.

Assist Emergency Management and Campus Security

Assist the Emergency Management department and Campus Security during large-scale responses on campus or within the community.


Promote awareness and education surrounding emergency preparation and response in our campus community.


Provide support to students, employees, and visitors before, during, and after an emergency situation

Implement University Procedure

Assist in the implementation of university emergency response procedures before, during, and after emergency events.

Become an Emergency Warden in Four Steps

Complete Emergency Warden Training

Register Now

Contact Emergency Management

Email Us

Meet with your Senior Building Warden

Receive Your Zone Assignment

Find and Update Warden Information Online

The Emergency Warden SharePoint site was built to help the university community accurately record and access warden information. You can request access to the Emergency Warden SharePoint site with your IT Username and password — you’ll be asked for a brief explanation of why you want to use the site.

Here’s what it can do for you:

Emergency Warden Resources

Emergency Warden Manual


Danger Do Not Enter Sign


A phone displaying the UC Emergency Mobile App

Download UC Emergency Mobile

UC Emergency Mobile delivers alerts and updates that can save lives and prevent injury. The app is one part of the university's emergency management plan and a big part of creating a safe and healthy living and learning environment for everyone on campus.

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