Emergency Warden Program

As part of reviews of our safety procedures on campus, we have recently decided to discontinue the Emergency Warden Program. This may impact some of the members of your team who had been providing this service on campus during fire drills and fire alarms.

UCalgary remains committed to ensuring high level of safety and security for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

All buildings are equipped with fire alarm systems that alert occupants and instruct them to evacuate.

Campus Security, the Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Police Services and Alberta Health Services will continue to work closely together in any emergency, including ensuring building evacuations during fire alarms. Our teams have extensive experience working with emergency responders and will continue cross-training to ensure we are able to deploy rapidly in any situation.


Emergency Buddy Program

We will be continuing our Emergency Buddy Program  to assist those who may need extra help during an emergency building evacuation. Please encourage any of your teams who still wish to volunteer to support safety initiatives to consider the Emergency Buddy Program or with other building-specific emergency positions as they arise, including helping with emergency signage. More information on the emergency signage program will be released early 2022.


UCalgary's Alertus Emergency Mobile App

UCalgary strongly recommends all members of the campus community download UCalgary’s Alertus Emergency Mobile app to their Apple or Android phone. 

The app allows users to report a wide range of incidents, and at any time of day or night including but not limited to fire, medical emergencies, suspicious persons, and assault or weapons complaints. It has a contact button to help you reach Campus Security by telephone quickly and easily so you can report in during an incident or evacuation, or discretely request help if you’re feeling uncomfortable and don’t want to draw attention to yourself. The app also provides up-to-date incident notifications, alerts and updates that can save lives and prevent injury.

In addition, due to ongoing pressures of COVID-19 and our return to campus, there will be no Evacuation drills scheduled for Fall 2021. Evacuation Drills will recommence in September 2022.

Thank you for guiding your teams on safety measures and helping to keep our campus safe.

Bob Maber,
Senior Director - Security & Emergency Management