UCalgary Alertus Emergency App Testing

The Emergency Management team is testing the UCalgary Alertus Emergency App, sending out messages to the campus community the third Wednesday of every month at 11:55 a.m. Testing allows the campus community to become familiar with the Alertus app, and it ensures that all members of the UCalgary community are receiving messages. These test messages will include emergency and safety-related information that can save lives, prevent injury and protect property.

If you do not receive an Alertus message each month, please check the Alertus app settings and contact the Emergency Management team at emergencymgmt@ucalgary.ca  

Frequently Asked Questions

The UCalgary Alertus Emergency App delivers emergency and safety related alerts and updates that can save lives, prevent injury and protect property. The Alertus app is a convenient way to send widespread messages to the campus community, helping to foster a safe and healthy living and learning environment for students, faculty and staff. 

The UCalgary Alertus Emergency App provides information about safety and emergencies in real time and is the best way to stay informed in the event on an emergency on campus.

Yes, the Alertus app can be used to send messages to request help, report an incident or phone Campus Security directly through the app. When reporting an incident, the sender is asked to include as much detail as possible, including name, phone phone, email address and location, so that Campus Security can contact you if needed.   

When you receive an Alertus notification, please interact with the Alertus app by clicking "confirm" on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Interactions with the app help to confirm that messages are received, as well as test its robustness and identify any gaps. If you experience any challenges interacting with either the desktop of mobile Alertus app during testing, please email the Emergency Management team at emergencymgmt@ucalgary.ca 

Testing ensures the community is receiving messages from the app and prevents the app from being automatically offloaded from a user’s device if the “automatically offload unused apps” feature is activated. 

Review the set-up instructions to ensure you have the app set up properly. If you still don't receive the monthly test messages, contact the Emergency Management team at emergencymgmt@ucalgary.ca  

Previous Alertus Monthly Messages

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This message is a TEST for our UCalgary Alertus Emergency System. Please click CONFIRM to verify you received this message. Be aware that a separate alert will be issued by the Alberta Government TODAY at 1:55 p.m. These tests are critical to identify any system issues and ensure the alerts work when needed.