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March 31, 2021 update

Undergraduate student international travel
Undergraduate student international travel related to in-person study abroad programs, exchanges, co-ops, practica, internships and externships will not be permitted until at least August 31, 2021.

A decision about travel for these purposes during fall 2021 term and onwards will be made prior to June 15, 2021.

Travelling outside of Canada on UCalgary Business
All other university business-related international travel including graduate students, academic staff members, employees, postdocs, etc. is not permitted until the Government of Canada lifts the current travel advisory. Read more.

CR decision for Winter 2021 term
As part of ongoing efforts to support student mental health and wellness, the university is giving students the option, for any one course completed in the winter 2021 term, to either accept their final grade or opt for a CR (completed requirements). The course can be a 3-unit, 1.5-unit, 1-unit or .75-unit course. For the Faculty of Law, a single course will be defined by the Faculty. Read more. 

Workspace safety plans
The University of Calgary continues to require all faculty and staff to work from home unless campus access is required for:

  • use tools and equipment
  • work involves secure data and confidential information; or
  • on-site preparation and attendance are required to deliver services to faculty, students, staff and the public.

All UCalgary individuals who are working on campus must be included in a Workspace Safety Plan. Read more. 

Income Tax Returns - Working From Home information
On February 19, the University of Calgary will make T2200S Declaration of Conditions of Employment for Working at Home Due to COVID-19 forms available to eligible employees who opt to use the Detailed method.   Employees will be required to respond to an attestation in order to retrieve the form. Read more. 

Spring/Summer 2021 courses
Spring/Summer 2021 instruction will continue to be delivered with a blend of online and face-to-face courses, with most courses online. This decision was made according to public health guidelines and in the interest of the health and safety of our community. Students will be able to view details about the delivery of specific courses in their Student Centre by February 23, 2021.

Decision on fall 2021 classes
The university has not made a decision on the delivery method (face-to face or online) for classes in Fall 2021. This decision will be made in April and will be communicated to students through email and on the web. 

Working from home will continue until June 30, 2021
The University of Calgary has decided to extend work from home for most of our employees who are able to do so through to June 30, 2021 – the end of the academic year. Learn more. 

Important Information for International Students traveling to Canada this term 
Learn more. 

Cases on campus
Up-to-date information on COVID-19 cases on campus: View the COVID-19 dashboard

We would like to remind our campus community of the updated isolation guidance for employees and students which include a guide of when to come on campus

See all past updates


Resources for Return to Campus

If you're returning to campus, take a moment to familiarize yourself with these documents and training modules.


Re-entry Protocols

This document outlines rules that the campus community must follow when coming onto any UCalgary campus

Read more

Classroom & Lab Re-entry Protocol

Instructional spaces

Read more

Lab/Office Workspace Safety Plan

Read more

Return to Campus Planning Guide

Read more

Lab/Office Workspace Safety Plan FAQs

Read more

Return to Campus FAQs for Leaders

Read more

Return to Campus Guidelines for Leaders

Read more

Employee and Student Isolation Guide

Read more

COVID-19 Procedure for Sick Students

Procedure if a student becomes sick while on campus

Read more

COVID-19 Procedure for Sick Employees

Procedure if an employee becomes sick at work:

Read more

Return to Campus Training for Leaders and Employees

Before you return to campus, review these quick online modules to ensure you know your responsibilities and how to stay safe.

Read more

Response Procedure to Positive COVID-19 Test Result

Read more

Protocol for Front Counter Shielding

Read more

campus visitors

To maintain a safe campus community it is important that people we invite to campus follow the university’s COVID-19 protocols.

Read more

Guidance for Meal Preparation and Eating Spaces

This document provides guidance on how to prepare and consume meals (and beverages) in faculty and staff spaces, student lounges and faculty study spaces. Download the visual guide.

Read more

COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily checklist

(for children under 18), page 1-2
(for adults 18 years and over) page 3

Read more

14-day Isolation Exemption for Technicians Instructions

Read more

Working alone on campus

Read more

Please submit any COVID-19 questions or feedback to

Frequently Asked Questions

While most students, faculty and staff continue to work from home, we know there are many questions about returning to campus

General student FAQ

Includes information about services, resources, textbooks, medical notes and more.

Read more

Graduate Student FAQ

Read more

International student FAQ

Read more

Research FAQ

Read more

Faculty & Staff FAQ

Working from home

Read more

Fitness Centre & Active Living FAQ

Read more

Student Residence FAQ

Read more

Academic Staff FAQ

Includes information about course materials, learning technologies, face-to-face classes and more. 

Read more

Mask FAQ

UCalgary students, faculty, post-doctoral fellows, staff, and visitors to campus are required to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces at all Calgary campuses.

Read more


Return to Campus Safety

Interested in how things are being cleaned and disinfected on campus?

Looking for campus safety tips?

Learn more

New building hours

Starting Aug. 17, buildings on main campus will be unlocked between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, and will be locked overnight and on weekends. Outside of these hours, buildings can be accessed by electronic or key access only. Faculty and staff who normally can access our buildings with their Unicard or issued keys can still do so.

More information, including building specific details for the Physical Plant, Child Development Centre, Spyhill Campus, Foothills Campus, Taylor Family Digital Library, Downtown Campus and City Building Design Lab, is available here.

Working on campus

As was shared earlier with the campus community, we remind everyone that only those who need to be on campus should be on campus. If your studies or work require you to come to campus in person, please practice the social distancing guidelines recommended by the Government of Alberta, such as: Keep at least six feet (the length of a bicycle) from others. Avoid overcrowding in elevators or other enclosed spaces. Wash or sanitize your hands after touching communal surfaces.

We also ask that you take safety precautions that reflect how quiet campus is right now. If you have to come to campus in person, please let somebody know where you’ll be and how long you’ll be there, or come with a (six-foot-away-from-you) buddy. Please don’t be surprised if a member of our Campus Security approaches you to see if you’re OK. Your safety is important to us. 

Working from home

Effective Sunday, March 22 all faculty and staff who can perform their work from home should do so, until further notice. Only those that are performing functions that require them to be on site should work on campus. 

Need IT help? How to use Office365, map to a network, use VPN/MFA from home etc.
Improve Your Ergonomic Approach at home. Learn more. 

Employees who require their desktop computing equipment at home are required to complete the IT Equipment Agreement

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