Quick Start Training for Leaders and Employees

Prepare for the fall 2020 COVID-19 return to campus.

Return to campus online learning modules

For leaders

Before your employees return to campus, understand what you need to do to plan, prepare, orient, monitor and manage for your team’s return. 

Leaders should familiarize themselves with the employee version of the online learning module and are encouraged to view the following brief online leader learning module prior to having any of their staff return to campus. In addition, this PowerPoint presentation deck is a sample template leaders may wish to customize for orienting their staff back to campus during COVID-19.

Access the module

For employees

Before you return to campus, review this quick online module to ensure you know your responsibilities and how to stay safe. 

Access the module

Leader workshop - Additional workshops now offered in early September

Returning to campus during COVID-19: Issues and challenges      

This is a “live” workshop designed to help leaders prepare for issues and challenges they may face in bringing some, or all, of their team members back to campus during COVID-19.

Leaders have critical roles to play during the COVID-19 situation; this highly interactive session will explore a variety of challenging people-related issues and scenarios which leaders may be faced with across all staffing groups. Scenario examples include: employee conflict associated with safety-related behaviours, refusal to work on campus, dealing with critical deadlines and workload despite high levels of employee stress, effective mechanisms to monitor employee safety behaviours at work, handling accommodation requests and other similar situations.


This session requires participants to have completed the Quick Start Training online module for leaders (listed above) which provides a high level overview of the responsibilities people leaders have in returning their team members to campus.

Length: 1 hour
Format: Live Zoom session
Facilitators: HR and Staff Wellness professionals

  • Wednesday, September 9, 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.