Video instructions for self-administered rapid testing

All individuals who are visiting campus must register in the university's vaccine attestation and rapid testing program with the Thrive Health app. If you are not vaccinated or prefer not to disclose, you will be required to rapid test twice a week. 

Log in to the Thrive Health app and schedule an appointment to pick up your rapid testing kits.

You must have uploaded your first test result no later than Sept. 14, 2021.

Rapid testing kit

Rapid testing kits contain approximately 6 weeks' worth of tests. Individuals are expected to take a rapid test within 72 hours before coming to any UCalgary campus or off-campus UCalgary activity.

Rapid test kit pickup locations

You must book an appointment in the Thrive app to pick up rapid testing kits. Pickup location details are available in the app.

Program launches Sept. 1, 2021

Individuals must have a negative COVID-19 test result within 3.5 days prior to attending in-person UCalgary activities.

Students, faculty and staff who are unable or unwilling to disclose their vaccination status will participate in the UCalgary Rapid Testing and Vaccine Status Program and will be provided with at-home rapid antigen test kits free of charge.

Starting on Sept. 1, participants can go online to register for the program, to book an appointment to pick up a six-week supply of at-home kits and to record their ongoing test results. 

UCalgary community members who are required to have enrolled in the rapid testing program, must have picked up their kits and uploaded their first test result before Sept. 14, 2021. 

Anyone who is fully vaccinated with a Health Canada-approved vaccine and chooses to disclose their vaccine status is exempt from rapid testing. 

UCalgary rapid testing pickup

Rapid testing FAQ

Updated on Sept. 16, 2021, at 9:45 am

The Rapid Testing and Vaccine Status Program is part of the University of Calgary's evidence-based approach to addressing COVID-19. The COVIDSafe Campus strategy includes rapid testing, vaccination status, masking and vaccine clinics to help our community feel safe this fall. Rapid testing is not required of anyone who is fully vaccinated with a Health Canada-approved vaccine and has chosen to disclose their vaccination status.

Full vaccination or rapid testing is required of anyone who is planning to come onto campus or attend any in-person UCalgary activities. Anyone who is unwilling or unable to disclose vaccination status will be required to participate in the rapid testing program.

Members of the UCalgary community who are required to participate in rapid testing will be provided at-home rapid testing kits and must upload their results on an online web platform that will launch on Sept. 1, 2021. 

Those who are fully vaccinated with a Health Canada-approved vaccine and who choose to disclose their vaccine status are exempt from testing requirements. 

Starting Sept. 1, 2021, participants will be able to log in to a web-based platform hosted by a third-party vendor. The web portal will allow individuals to choose to disclose their vaccine status, book an appointment to pick up at-home test kits, record test results and upload a photo of a completed at-home test. 

All UCalgary community members must enrol in the program. Any community members who are required to be tested must pick up their test kits, complete their first test and upload the results by Sept. 14, 2021.  

This program will use rapid antigen tests that can be self-administered at home. The kits include a non-invasive swab that is inserted 2 cm into the nose. 

There will be distribution sites on main campus, as well as Foothills and Spy Hill campuses. Individuals will need to book an appointment online using a web-based app and will be asked to show their confirmation code on site to pick up their testing kits. A six-week supply of kits will be provided at a time. Kits are for individual use only and are not to be shared. 

There is no cost for participating in the rapid testing program. 

If your rapid antigen test result is positive, upload your test result into the web portal and immediately self-isolate. Consult the Alberta Health Services online assessment tool and follow the medical instructions provided. This may include follow-up testing through AHS.

Do not come to campus if you have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Rapid testing or disclosure of full vaccination will be required to access UCalgary campus or in-person UCalgary activities until Dec. 31, 2021. During the fall term, the program will be evaluated to determine if it needs to be extended.

Rapid testing, vaccine status, and masking protocols extend to all UCalgary activities, both on and off campus. University of Calgary hosted events, UCalgary off-site research, field schools or provision of services to the community, will likewise be subject to University COVID-19 rules. 

The Rapid Test and Vaccination Status expectation extends to in-person attendance for all UCalgary activities, including those that take place off campus. We are working with our vendors, contractors, service delivery units and visitors/guests to campus to ensure they comply with the rules.

The Rapid Testing and Vaccine Status Program is a university-wide program that features a university-wide validation and compliance system. Information disclosed within this program will be kept private and managed by a small, defined and select group of program administrators. 

Individuals will not be expected to ensure program compliance of members of their teams, class or research lab.

All members of the UCalgary community will be able to login and register via the web-based app once it opens on Sept. 1. We are a large community with more than 45,000 users, so please be patient when the system first opens as we expect a high volume of users. The exact link to login will be emailed to all UCalgary community members by Sept. 1. It will also be posted on the website.

Those who are exempt from the rapid testing requirement, yet who desire a rapid test can access testing from local pharmacies offering public testing.

The kits use ethylene oxide for sterilization. Ethylene oxide gas has been safely used for decades to sterilize medical equipment. The sterilization process includes ensuring the gas is removed from the product and that any leftover residue is below that of the safety levels set by national and international standards

You must still create an account, complete an attestation and identify if you are going to be on campus or attend in person activities in 2021.

Future dated kit pick ups are being made available from within the appointment booking section of the app. Please check back soon.

If you are in quarantine and a student, please contact so you can be added to the Sept 14th exemption list. Employee contact for the same reason.

If you declared you are fully vaccinated you will receive a pop up instructing you do not need to do anything further. Thrive does not provide a confirmation email however, end users can check their ‘completion of tasks’ within their account. These steps can be found in the user guide platform.

Guide for individuals using a UCalgary email address
Guide non individuals who do not have a UCalgary email address

The Thrive app is open to non-UCalgary users including Cont Ed students.

Please go to the COVIDsafe webpage and click on “’ I do not have a UCalgary email” to get started. 

A step by step guide is also available here.  


If you are a student and test positive for covid-19, please contact each of your instructors/professors directly to make arrangements. For fall term you are not required by provide supplementary evidence of your absence.  

If a student is experiencing a sustained illness or disruption, where they are unable to return to the classroom for the semester, connect them with Student Accessibility Services

Anyone participating in rapid testing needs to complete two tests a week regardless how often they are on campus.