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Past cases
Sept 30 - Dec 31 2020


(Sept 30 - Dec 31, 2020)

Sept. 30 notification: Contractor in multiple locations. Read more.
Oct. 13  notification: Engineering Complex and Education Classrooms. Read more. 
Oct. 15 notification: Multiple buildings. Read more.
Oct. 15 notification: Engineering Complex and Taylor Institute. Read more. 
Oct. 16 notification: EEL building. Read more.
Oct. 22 notification: Biological Sciences and Social Sciences. Read more.
Oct. 22 notification: Kinesiology A.  Read more.
Nov. 2 notification: Math Sciences and Earth Sciences.  Read more. 
Nov. 4 notification:  Kinesiology Block A. Read more.
Nov. 5 notification: Kinesiology Block A. Read more. 
Nov. 5 notification: Kinesiology Block B. Read more.
Nov. 6 notification: Kinesiology Block A & B. Read more.
Nov. 8 notification: Kinesiology cases, KNA Temporary Closure.  Read more. 
Nov. 8 notification: Spyhill campus - Clinical Skills Building.  Read more.
Nov. 9 notification: MacEwan Hall, CJSW.  Read more.
Nov. 9 notification: Kinesiology Block A, Aquatic Centre pool. Read more.
Nov. 11 notification: Professional Faculties Building.  Read more.
Nov. 12 notification: Foothills campus. Read more.
Nov. 13 notification: Foothills campus. Read more
Nov. 15 notification: Taylor Institute and MacEwan Hall. Read more.
Nov. 16 notification: Professional Faculties Building. Read more.
Nov. 16 notification: Education Tower. Read more.
Nov. 16 notification: HSC and HSARC. Read more. 
Nov. 17 notification: Taylor Institute and MacEwan Hall. Read more. 
Nov. 18 notification: Taylor Institute, MacEwan Hall, Spy Hill. Read more.
Nov. 19 notification: Taylor Institute, MacEwan Hall. Read more. 
Nov. 21 notification: Kinesiology Block A & B. Read more.
Nov. 23 notification: LSIH, Taylor Institute & MacEwan Hall. Read more.
Nov. 24 notification: Foothills campus, ATSSL. Read more.
Nov. 25 notification: Yamnuska Hall & The Landing. Read more. 
Nov. 26 notification: Education Block & Writing Symbols Lodge. Read more.
Nov. 28 notification: Foothills campus, Kinesiology A. Read more. 
Dec. 1 notification:  Foothills campus: HRIC. Read more.
Dec. 2 notification:  Kinesiology B (Sports Medicine Centre). Read more. 
Dec. 5 notification: Multiple Buildings. Read more. 
Dec. 7 notification: Spy Hill, Foothills, CCIT. Read more.
Dec. 8 notification: Varsity Courts. Read more.
Dec. 9 notification: Kinesiology A. Read more.
Dec. 11 notification: Kinesiology B. Read more. 
Dec. 12 notification: Multiple Buildings. Read more.
Dec. 16 notification: Teaching Research and Wellness. Read more.
Dec. 18 notification: Kinesiology B. Read more.
Dec. 19 notification: Health Research Innovation Centre. Read More
Dec. 21 notification: Health Research Innovation Centre.  Read more.
Dec. 24 notification: Craigie Hall. Read more. 


Oct. 24 notification: Dining Centre.  Read more. 
Dec. 15 notification: Spy Hill campus. Read more. 

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